Paul Gandhi

Once Covid shut everything down - and now a 2nd time in Toronto - Paul put this together for Live Streaming online and online Video Collaborations for Originals.

Gig Performer 4:

An older photo of Gig Performer 3:


  • MOXF8 USB to Gig Performer on laptop
  • MOXF output to Tascam Interface for OBS Streaming/Recording PC
  • Alesis Vortex
  • Small Behringer mixer for Mic into MOXF Input.

It’s kept him busy and Paul misses playing in the groups.

Paul was a Forte user that switched to Gig Performer.

Currently he does live streaming on Streetjelly using Gig Performer.
Gig Performer hosts his vocal effects as well, as a few extra instruments. It also sends program changes to the keyboard and MIDI notes that switches the scenes in OBS Studio on a 2nd PC.

He concludes with: “Much better than a Full DAW for Versatility, Ease of Use, Lack of Overhead (what you add is what you get…) And Capability to do Anything you can imagine.

More information:

  • Streetjelly profile
  • OBS Broadcast (the screen on the right) - free software; it’s showing a full screen of Paul’s live camera feed with a greenscreen background on a desktop PC.