XR-18 controlled from GP4

This gig file was created to have basic control of the Behringer XR-18.
Control is of the 16 fader, plus Aux (no 17-18)
See the comment file in back view for more info.
Mutes at the bottom will toggle the active status above the ch faders
also control over FX sends, and returns, with mutes.
Behringer did not provide midi control cc for the SOLOs
Meters have not yet been implemented
DCA control and mutes, as well as the 4 assigned mutes
The Master toggle mute works fine, however I have an issue with the Master fader (when moved quickly, creates some sort of midi looping, and although you can usually clear it by hitting the MIDI reset in GP4, it will sometimes crash the program and needs restarting.

XR-18 panel (ver 1).gig (1.3 MB)


Thanks for sharing. I will be getting my X32 rack soon and will give this a try to see if I can use it for my in ear mix when controlled by a MidiFighter Twister. Eventually, I will look to get control via OSC but this will be a very useful rackspace in the meantime. I’ll let you know how it works

I only have the XR-18 which this was designed for, however you may be able to implement it in XR-32 by duplicating a second rackspace, easier than rebuilding it from scratch. I don’t know if the XR-32 will use the same cc values for channels 1 thru 16. You will have to check those. As for the duplicate, you would have to re-enter the correct cc values for each ch 17 thru 32, Let me know how you do with it if it works. Good day sir!

I’m currently waiting on my replacement X32 as the new one was sadly faulty, but it did seem to work with the same midi CC numbers. I will need to get OSC connectivity working as it’ll be easier to connect to my monitor mixer when playing live over Wifi vs running a midi cable.

Once I get the replacement unit, I’ll dive into it some more. My dream is to get meters working over OSC in realtime. We’ll see how that goes

I fixed the issue with the master getting into a midi loop. Also changed the Master Mute. I will upload the new version in a week or so.

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