Windows 11 update 22H2 - USB glitches?

I’ve just updated to Windows 22H2 and my Vortex Wireless 2 keytar which up to now has been running well, has started glitching. I’m having stuck notes and silent notes at unexpected times. Initially, just after the update, Windows would not recognise the keytar. Then overnight, it just started working again. Although the Vortex 2 is wireless, I run it with a USB cord while at home.

There are no specific Alesis USB drivers for the keytar as it uses generic Windows ones. Has anyone else who has updated Windows 11 to 22H2 been having any USB issues? I would be keen to hear if there are any problems with solutions out there.

I didn’t update as I read that it introduced many bugs…
Example: LINK

Additionally, it takes “USB devices” as a hostage: New Windows 11 problem holds your USB drives hostage | TechRadar

I’ve been using W11 22H2 for over a month now and I just did 2 live performances last weekend without any problems.
I have had the opportunity to use external usb devices (sdcard, ssd, hdd) without any problems.
The same goes for all usb peripherals (keyboards, controllers, analog pedal to usb interface,…).
I just had to reactivate GP after updating :smirk:

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Thats good to hear.

Regarding the “hostage‘ issue according to the link above. I haven’t been ejecting USB devices for years. I had read that ejecting drives etc hasn’t been necessary for quite a while.

As for my own situation with the keytar - I deleted the driver and rebooted the computer so that Windows could re-install what it needed when the keytar was turned on. Windows did its “blink bonk” thing and installed whatever. The keytar seems to be working better now.

I have, and still tend to “Safely remove” USB storage devices.
On prior Windows editions they had a “dirty bit”, so when you connect a storage device, Windows would scan them for consistency. Allegedly, this has been improved over time, but still - I don’t trust Microsoft.

As for the USB drivers, yes, that’s what I would do. Uninstall “buggy” drivers and reinstall them is the first step.

I used GP with W11H22 last weekend. No problems. Disclaimer: I have a very simple setup.