Surface Pro 8 making strange noises

Since installing the Win 11 22H2 feature update, my SP 8 has been making gurgling, fat frying, hissing and static type noises. They fade in and out. I have optimized the PC and have disabled every option in the Windows sound menu. I am pretty sure that it is the PC making the noise as my second machine is doing the same. Not sure what else I can do to eliminate the noise. Any suggestions for further action to be taken would be much appreciated.

I assume these sounds coming out of your audio interface? If so, what is your interface? Are you also getting it when using other audio apps?

If reinstalling audio drivers doesn’t work, check if there are newer updates.

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Maybe rollback to the previous version? Windows normally give you some time where you can go back easily.

It is not the optimal solution, but at least you can prove to yourself (and others) that the update is the reason.

But try @rank13 suggestions first

Although two users reported that 22H2 is working well for them, I saw many people complaining on various issues, including no audio or audio distortions after the update.

For example: Windows 11 22H2 audio issues

I managed to track down the noises to my powered dock. After I took the dock out of the loop, the noises ceased. The dock is a ++HyperDrive Gen2 Thunderbolt 3, and has been working quietly up until I installed 22H2. I have a query out to the supplier asking for a replacement or refund. I guess it’s possible that the dock may have faulted coincidentally at the same time as the Win update. I’ve disabled every sound driver in Win 11 which did not help at all. I’ll make some decisions when I hear back from the supplier.

I tried an experiment. I’ve been powering the Surface Pro 8 from the dock. On a whim, I plugged in the SP’s own power supply and all the noises stopped. Is this a grounding/earthing issue? Perhaps someone can explain this to me?