Windows 11 audio stops working

Hi everyone,
I have just updated my pc to win 11 and since that the audio in gp just mutes randomly when playing and cannot get it back until i restart gig performer. I note that it only happens to gp as all my other inputs and pc audio still make sound. I also see that the midi is working so its not a midi related problem. I have updated to the latest drivers for my rme. Im stumped. I dont have a gig with gp on win 11 until next week so any help will be appreciated.

Maybe your GP license “lost” its activation due to the update and GP is running in demo mode, which could explain the muting phases…

I did Deactivate it and reactivate after installation of win 11, it says it’s activated also.

Did you turn off Enhance audio?

yes those setting are correct. it has just done it again about 15min into playing.
I have no idea what it is as my audio works for everything else but gp.

Is that happening with all plugins?
Can you try different plugins?

Is your interface set to Exclusive mode?

Yes every plugin no rackspaces in gp work unless I restart. All hardware outputs are working on interface though and Web browser sounds

I haven’t checked if it’s exclusive yet. I’ve just popped out and left gp running to see if it does it when I’m not changing rackspaces and playing etc

Ok so I left gig performer running without touching for about 20min and it has stopped working again at some stage during that 20min. I’m out of ideas

15-20 min is the demo time out/pause. Do you have the screen go red?

no the screen is not red

im deactivating and reactivating now to see if helps

ok so i deactivated and re activated and ive been playing for about an hour with no probs so hopefully all good now. Thank you again npudar


It won’t stay red – it will just periodically turn red for a moment (along with audio dropout) to remind you that it’s running in trial mode.

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So the audio has stopped again after about an hour this time it says it is activated so not sure if it’s that

Going back to Windows 10 for a while it’s seems buggy with gp

I use three Windows 11 PCs with Gig Performer - no issues.
Therefore, something else is the culprit.

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Could be the audio driver, the ASIO driver, etc…

Yeah maybe but I don’t know how to problem solve this and have a few more gigs before the end of yr so I will try win 11 next yr again in Jan. For those of you that don’t know once you upgrade to Windows 11 you have 10 days to trial it and if not to your liking you can revert back to 10 thru system recovery.

I don’t know what might be the problem but all I can tell, for myself, I’m still running my live environment in an older platform. I love the “latest” as much as the next nerdy guy but I don’t want the stress in my music life.