Windows 10 22H2

I’m running GP 4.5.8 on Windows 10 on a Dell Precision M4600.

Yesterday I updated my system to Windows 10 version 22H2 from 21H1. After the upgrade, GP crashes when launched. I submitted a crash dump when prompted. I uninstalled and reinstalled GP but it didn’t help. Everything else seems to run fine (browsers, MS Office, etc.)

So I reverted back to 21H1 and everything works fine again. Any ideas what the issue might be? I haven’t heard of any problems with GP and W10 22H2 and I can only stay on 21H1 so long before I’m forced to upgrade again.


I’m running latest Windows 11 builds (22H2) on three machines and have no problems with GP.

I don’t have any Win 10 systems that run GP anymore, so no experience with GP and the latest windows updates on that.

Pretty strange that GP would crash on start due to a system update, though. Have you tried starting GP with the shift key held down? That will start it without loading a Gig file, so it might at least help you figure out if the problem is happening with GP or with one of the plugins.


Yes, I would be betting on a plugin.

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Are you running Synth1? If so, then that’s the problem - highlighted below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<CrashRpt version="1403">
    <AppName>Gig Performer 4</AppName>
    <ImageName>C:\Program Files\Gig Performer 4\GigPerformer4.exe</ImageName>
    <OperatingSystem>Windows 10 Home Build 22621</OperatingSystem>

<C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\Synth1\Synth1 VST64.dll>

    <CustomProps />
        <FileItem name="crashdump.dmp" description="Crash Minidump" />
        <FileItem name="crashrpt.xml" description="Crash Description XML" />

Thanks for the suggestions. I do not have Synth1. Any other plugins that are known to cause problems?

In order to try the shift key test I will have to reinstall 22H2. Before I do that I want to have a good plan of attack. Does the shift key cause GP to not load plugins or just gig files?


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I think a number of us here in the Community have run GP in it’s various versions through all the Windows 10 updates and on into the latest W11 update, including me. I would agree with @dhj that the most likely suspect is a plugin. From personal experience, it’s always a bit of a gamble with installing, rolling back and reinstalling updates and software. If you have a copy of your crash report I’d advise you to post that here first for the developers and gurus to have a look and advise. If not, then you are into it to do the upgrade, reinstall, trying the key shift but also to generate and post the crash report. I’m confident it can be sorted out with many here willing to help.

I too have run W11 22H2 with GP successfully on a newer laptop, but for some reason it is crashing on my old (but capable) m4600. The m4600 can’t run W11.

I have reinstalled W10 22H2 and launched GP with the shift key held and it still crashes.

I’ve attached the new crash reports. There’s not much in the xml file. Hopefully somebody can decipher these and help me figure out what’s happening.

Thanks to everyone for their help! (14.0 KB)

A clarification. When launching with the shift key, it’s not even making it to the startup options dialog. It crashes immediately.

Well, since GP hasn’t changed, something else is going on. Any chance you are running an antivirus program that’s killing GP?

Did you try actually uninstalling GP and reinstalling it?

I uninstalled and reinstalled GP. Still crashes.

The only antivirus is the standard Windows antivirus. I disabled that and GP still crashes.

Cubase runs fine. I haven’t tested all my plugins but they seem to work fine. Cubase works with my MIDI inputs and audio outs so I know my drivers are OK.

When you uninstalled GP, did you remove to gigperformer.settings file so that GP starts from scratch.

Didn’t know that I needed to do that. I just uninstalled GP again, deleted (renamed) the settings file, re-installed. Still crashes.

Did you deactivate the GP license before you did that Windows upgrade?

I did not, since it is the same computer. As a test I just deactivated on another computer to see if the problem computer would pick up the freed license. It still crashes. Anyway I would expect to get the activation dialog if it was a licensing problem, right?.

For info I used GP on 2 laptops with W10 22H2 without problems.
I am currently using W11 21H2 and W11 22H2.

I don’t know much about it but could it be that going directly from 21H1 to 22H2 without going through 21H2 will cause conflicts in the OS (trying to update a missing item or something). This is just a hypothesis…

From your crash report:

CrashGUID 4a227afa-9675-4cbd-ab00-5a5f8a945b5f /CrashGUID
AppName Gig Performer 4 /AppName
AppVersion 4.5.8 /AppVersion
ImageName C:\Program Files\Gig Performer 4\GigPerformer4.exe /ImageName
OperatingSystem Windows 10 Pro Build 19045 /OperatingSystem
OSIs64Bi 1 /OSIs64Bit
GeoLocation en-us /GeoLocation
SystemTimeUTC 2022-12-10T22:51:53Z /SystemTimeUTC
ExceptionAddress 0x7ff6254a654d /ExceptionAddress
ExceptionModule C:\Program Files\Gig Performer
\GigPerformer4.exe /ExceptionModule
ExceptionModuleBase 0x7ff624e70000 /ExceptionModuleBase
ExceptionModuleVersion /ExceptionModuleVersion
ExceptionType 11 /ExceptionType
GUIResourceCount 24 /GUIResourceCount
OpenHandleCount 352 /OpenHandleCount
MemoryUsageKbytes 469564 /MemoryUsageKbytes

From your crash dump file:
ExceptionAddress: 00007ff6254a654d (GigPerformer4+0x000000000063654d)
ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)
ExceptionFlags: 00000000
NumberParameters: 2
Parameter[0]: 0000000000000000
Parameter[1]: 0000000000000000
Attempt to read from address 0000000000000000

To be honest, this is not in my area of knowledge and hopefully one of the developers could decipher this. but Exception Type 11 is a security violation in some of the other stuff I mess around with and @dhj 's comment about maybe an AV or Windows Defender killing it might be applicable. Just a wild a** suggestion, but you could try making GP an exception in Defender. A link of how to do that is below. The main reason I consider this is that the big difference between W10 and W11 (which started in W10) is enforcement of specific security issues at the hardware and OS levels. Defender SHOULD have notified you that it was blocking it, but… Since you haven’t had any other luck maybe it’s worth a try, or try running GP in Admin mode.

How to Set Windows Security Exclusions in Windows 11 (

What happens when you enter Safe Mode and run Gig Performer?


@Hermon That’s a good observation and maybe there is something to it. From 21H1 windows update is failing which is probably why I have been at 21H1 for so long. I upgraded using the windows update assistant which is downloaded from Microsoft. Unfortunately it only gives you the option to upgrade to 22H2. If I could figure out how to update to 21H2 first I might try that.

@CruiseCycle Not sure where you saw that ExceptionType 11 is a security violation. I googled it and it appears to be a SIGSEGV segmentation fault. I still tried adding an exclusion for GP per your suggestion but it didn’t work.

@npudar Good suggestion! GP came up in safe mode and scanned all my plugins. I guess now I just have to figure out what’s loading at startup to cause the problem…

Narrowed this down to the NVIDIA Quadro 1000M graphics. I tried to install the latest driver from the NVIDIA web site but the driver install failed, leaving the graphics card disabled. Well, now GP works. At some point I may try to reinstall it or wait for a driver update to come out, but for now that is the solution.

Thank you everybody for your help and suggestions!