Widgets move when opening gig

Strange. I carefully placed some widgets in my rack. Saved the gig. Reopened the gig. And the widgets are moved to a different location.
What could have happened?

can you upload that gig?

How do your initial values look?

Sorry @pianopaul,
It happened three times in a row last night, but I can’t reproduce it today.

Incidentally, maybe my choice of words was wrong: I meant that the coordinates of my widgets changed, not their initial values. It was a group of 3 LEDs, programmed to operate as radio buttons. The picture is shown in this post. They were to the right and a little higher at startup.

I don’t know if this could be the explanation, but I think there are some slight position changes (at least visually) when I have GP in full screen verses windowed view. My windowed view is about the same size as the full screen, so I try to make sure I’m in full screen when programing the user interface widgets.
I go with the windowed view to make accessing plug-in GUIs easier when tweaking them.
Just a thought.

Thanks @krucible,

I think you have a point there. While revisiting the topic I linked to above, I found that the horizontal fader has a maximum size. So scaling the GUI up messes up the alignment of the drawn keyboard :musical_keyboard: (which scales well) with the length of the fader, which simply stops getting longer at some point.
It’s definitely worthwhile designing the GUI in as close to full screen as the edit mode allows. Not sure yet what happens when you go to live mode on laptop screen resolution after having designed the GUI on a 4K desktop monitor.