Widget scrolling in GP Selector extension

With a bit more work, I should be able to add widget scrolling to the extension.
If you try the current extension and confirm you can finger scroll on the right hand edge, I could also potentially add an option to have a larger blank area to the right of the buttons that you could use to scroll.



OMG, you’re too much! Love it! Unfortunately my rig is already at tonight’s venue and cannot get to it at the moment. I will most certainly try this tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Thank you for being proactive with this! :clap:


I finally got a chance to install and play with the extension. It is definitely scrollable by swiping on the song names themselves and with the “toggle immediate switching” option, accidentally opening a song is not a problem. Nice touch! :slight_smile: I downloaded the latest version (1.2), but I am not seeing the widened scroll bar, unless its just a very slight increase? To be honest, its still too difficult to grab by touch, but as I mentioned before, with the immediate switching turned off, its definitely scrollable with the song names themselves. Of course, the use of the widget for scrolling is another great option!!!

I can see myself incorporating this nicely into my live usage. By any chance, is color coding the song/rackspace parts a possibility? I realize this may seem trivial and not worth the trouble, but I thought I’d at least ask. The only stupid question is the one not asked right? :wink: When using song parts as more of a collection of sounds as opposed to traditional “verse” “chorus” “bridge” etc, I have to write “clean”, “crunch”, “high gain” etc to all the variations or song parts. If I could color code them, it would not only save redundant typing, but also much quicker finding of what I’m looking for, not to mention space saving for text real estate! But again, even without this, this is a cool extension already! :slight_smile:

Great job!!! Thank you!!

There is one strange behavior, that is after scrolling to desired song, and selecting the song , the song jumps to the bottom of the list. So if let’s say immediate switching is turned off, and I swipe scroll to whichever song I want, I select the song and let’s say it’s in the center or top of the list, it opens up with all the parts and when I click on the part to activate it, it jumps down to the bottom of the screen / list. Is it possible to eliminate that behavior and have it stay where it was?

I haven’t yet added it :wink: I waiting to see if the standard scrolling worked for you.

I have considered it. The extension still reads whatever name is entered in the GP song/parts - so you would still need to enter something.

Yep, can replicate this. It only seems to happen if you have the ‘Immediate Switching’ set to off. Will look into it.

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It did work, BUT I would still likely use a bar if its easy to grab, because that way some of the songs touched don’t open up and faster to scroll. Also, single click/activation of song. I would have to play with it to consider all pros and cons. The con would be, if the real estate taken up by the wider bar is too much, then it might be worth keeping as is. On the other hand, if its not big enough, it might be hard to grab… I’m using a 2-in-1 laptop folded like a tablet in portrait mode (much like a tablet). I usually make my song list window pretty narrow and that’s where I would “stick” this window as well.
The left side of every panel in the rackspaces (directly next to the songs list) is wide and unused, so I can always extend your window over that.

Oh yes, I would of course, because I would still need to identify which rackspace etc. I just wouldn’t have to keep adding “clean”, “crunch” or “lead” the names.

Great! :slight_smile:

What I’m thinking of is not a scrollbar. It’s a blank area to the right of the buttons that you can use as the zone for your finger to scroll the screen without risk of selecting a button.


Gotcha! That would work as well! It’ll come down to extra real estate but single touch selection, vs less real estate but two taps for selection. As long as I can “stick it” where I can afford the extra space, that sounds better. :slight_smile:

@ztones this version should fix the list jumping when you have disabled ‘Immediate Switching’.
It also adds a new option in the menubar to turn on the large scroll area to the right of the buttons.
If this works for you, I could eventually add a preference file to be able to set the default width.

GPSelector-Win64.zip (701.2 KB)

GPSelector-MacOS-Universal.zip (5.3 MB)


Nice! Those improvements made it much better! I really appreciate your work on this! :slight_smile: Everything works great, the only issue I’m having is more graphics/cosmetic related. I realize this may be only my issue since I’m trying to cram a lot into a small space, but again, that’s the world of tablets isn’t it. :wink:

This is how my layout is. I put your extension over the song list window and utilize the left edge of the panels to extend the scroll surface area.

I’m trying to abbreviate as much as possible, but a lot of the song parts text is not visible at this scale. Can the text be left aligned on the song parts? Between that and perhaps a SLIGHTLY narrower scroll area might do the trick? Maybe a more condensed version of the systems font? Just thinking out loud…

This is how it looks when extended to see all the text. Its too wide… :frowning:

This is why I asked about color coding. I could get rid of words like “clean”, “crunch” etc… I would need 4 colors to cover most if not all. If I can get it visually and functionally useable in that left space over the song window, then I could get rid of the huge 15 song parts real estate on top. Maybe… :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!!

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