Widget(s) not responding to midi until midi learn cleared and chosen again

I just changed rigs in Rig Manager and I have this issue where widgets are not responding to the midi until the midi learn is cleared and the same control is chosen again. In this video example I’m showing the delay switch not working. Rig manager shows the midi coming in. The widget is not responding. Delay SW is in the midi learn of the widget. I clear the Delay SW and choose the very same Delay SW and then the widget is works. So nothing else was changed, except the midi learn cleared and chosen again.

I restarted GP and now all buttons work. Strange that the rig manager (and global midi) was showing the midi coming in, rig manager correctly associated it with the mapping, yet the widgets weren’t responding to it until a restart. Is a restart normally needed when changing rigs?

What exactly did you do to change rigs?

I was using Softstep 2 in Hosted mode, which needs to be fired up prior GP so I did that. Then started GP and chose the appropriate rig in the drop down of the rig manager.

Did you press Apply ?

Yes of course. If I didn’t, it wouldn’t have worked after I just cleared the midi lean and simply chose the same exact source again right?

I just tested with a small gig and my rig manager.
No issue when I switch rigs.

Maybe a stupid question: Are you sure that the MIDI Channel received is the same MIDI channel as in the learned MIDI of the widget?
Forget: That should not impact the functionality.

When the widget does not react, what MIDI is shown when you press the Edit button?

Yes. As you can see in the video, rig manager is responding/recognizing the incoming midi for DELAY SW (delay switch). It is blinking for DELAY SW and the widget is set respond to DELAY SW but it isn’t. When I clear it and choose the same DELAY SW from the dropdown, it works.

The rest of them started working after restarting GP. So whatever was causing it, it got reset after a restart of GP.

So, now you cannot reproduce?
What version of GP are you using?

Latest 4.1.5

And now you cannot reproduce?

Correct. It has happened before but its random. I cannot figure out the pattern/when/why. I don’t often change rigs. Restart of GP is not normally required when choosing a new rig right?

In my test a restart was not necessary.

@ztones, next time it happens, could you please choose EDIT, in the widget properties MIDI tab, to check the controller event taken into consideration and check if it is the same than the one defined in Rig Manager?

I did check that. Yes it is the same.

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Is there a possibility for you to change the controller MIDI channel from 2 to 1 and update Rig Manager accordingly? I would be curious to see if it still happen again and if it could be MIDI channel related (some kind of feeling…).

I could try that next time it happens. I can’t test right now as it a started working after a restart of GP.

I had the same issue as you, on the latest version of GP. It happened once at home, once on stage, and has been fine since. I have not got to the bottom of it yet. Also samples have behaved oddly a couple of times for no apparent reason, sometimes perfect sometimes not (there’s another thread on this) and I have no clue as to why.