Widget bi-directional Nektar Panorama

Hi, everybody! Someone using a Nektar Panorama with Gig Performer? After I use midi learn and sync I still have no feedback from Nektar. My widget is responding to the Nektar controller but, If I move the widget with my mouse I have no feedback from my Nektar Panorama. Can someone help me please?

Could you open the MIDI Monitor and show us what comes from the Nectar controller please?

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In the GP Midi Monitor it shows absolutly nothing except midi notes. But GP is responding to the movement I make on my controler?? And in Midi Oxe I see data when I movea knob or fader.

Thanks - would it be possible to send a screenshot of the MIDI Monitor that’s inside Gig Perofmer.
Just click on Window->Midi Monitor… then move the controller.


Took a brief look at that keyboard. It seems to have one motorized fader - is that what you are trying to sync? Other than that - I see the knobs, but it is unclear how the knob value is displayed - possibly on the display.

Anyway - if you try it with the fader and your fader is sending a simple CC message with a value from 0…127 (so not a relative value, but absolute) it should just work.
Let me know if it doesn’t .

The Panorama keyboards require a Nektar driver. If you haven’t installed it yet, follow the instructions here:


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I could but it’s totally empty! If I press a note I can see it on the GP monitor but, If I turn a n=knob or move a fader, there is absolutly nothing on the monitor. and thank you for trying to help me !

The faders dosent work either.They are normall ccs… The knob or not relative they are normal CC with a value between 1 and 127. Is there a procedure that I have to do in GP or it suppose to be working after I select the sync button after I make a midi learn.

themaartian Yes I have install the drivers. Thanks for the advice though :slight_smile:

It should just work (learn > sync)
Might not be of much help, but the good old restart-everything-again could help…?
Strange you see MIDI Note ON/OFF but no MIDI CC’s…

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If you don’t see the CC messages in the global MIDI monitor in GP when you move the faders, but you do see the notes for example - then the messages are not coming in.

Make sure that you close all other application that may be using that MIDI port because on Windows you can’t share ports easily. If you have your other monitor open it may be locking the device.


Thank you themaartian , djogon , keyman for your great help… I just recieved some info from Justin from Nektar (by the way thank you Justin (Nektar) the support is always great ), and the Nektar Panorama dosent accept midi messages in internal mode. So thank you guys! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I just received one of those keyboards today. I’ve also been in touch with Justin. As time permits, I want to see what we need to do to support it (obviously no promises)

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This is kinda the Holy Grail for me. Since moving to a laptop setup on stage, my only real frustration is that my physical controllers (knobs, faders, buttons) don’t necessarily reflect the actual software values. Having GP’s widgets and front rackspace view has been a great solution, but I’d still rather just be looking at my keyboard.

GP supporting the Nektar Panorama would be great, but the only visual feedback you would get from the Panorama would be from the screen… which would only be marginally better if at all than the GP front rackspace screen. I guess that would depend on if and where you had some visual access to GP in your set up.

Ideally (#Justin@Nektar) a controller would have endless rotary encoders with LED rings, LEDs by the faders (ala RD2000) and of course LED buttons, such that all the LEDs show the correct software values and the buttons and encoders are essentially in the correct position/state. The physical position of the faders would not necessarily match the “correct” status of the LEDs, but that’s ok. You could have motorized faders along the lines of Behringer Motor 49/61, but not sure it’s worth the additional expense and not sure motorized faders would hold up or feel good for lots of actual physical manipulation like for B3 drawbars.

I use a Novation SL MkII… which comes close… 8 of the 16 encoders have LED rings. Because it has 32 presets which respond to PCs, I can have that many GP rackspaces that will bring the SL MkII up with at least all the buttons and those encoders in the “right position.” My only major gripe, 8 faders!!

Both the Novation and the original Arturia Key Lab, which I also used for a while, I thought were great live controllers for the time (I think Arturia even promoted the KeyLab as a “stage” controller). But I was REALLY looking forward to the next versions of both. Unfortunately instead of upgrades, they were both huge backward/lateral moves into the semi pro home recording market. And ok I guess I understand that is a much more lucrative market and I’ll probably never get what I consider to be a real pro controller built foe the road and live use. But i keep hoping

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I am using S88 MKII from Native Instruments and bi-directional Sync works perfect.

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@pianopaul Nice. For me I need to have the 9 faders for drawbar simulation and prefer a few more knobs and buttons.

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OK, I do not need that much.

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I was just eyeing up the Novation SL Mk III the other day.

I really love the potential with the LCD screens below the endless knobs. Would love to have a setup where the labels all sync up to whatever the rackspace has them linked to.

Then I looked at the relatively sparse documentation and couldn’t tell if it was possible to make that happen, or how complicated it would be. And quickly decided I wasn’t going to invest the time or money trying to figure it out.

I have used on occasion a MIDI Fighter Twister. It has 16 endless knobs with LEDs and works perfectly with GP.

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I use a StudioLogic Numa compact 2x together with the little and affordable Behringer X-Touch mini, so i have nine real drawbars and 8 knobs with LED-ring (which are “klickable” as well), 16 buttons and one additional fader.
There are jacks for a volume and a sustain pedal too.
The keybed is made by Fatar, it is lightweighted has 88keys and aftertouch too.
Oh, and the whole board just weighs about 7kg.
It has some internal sounds which are not really “top notch” and its built in speakers are even worse, but hey… you don’t have to use them, and for a quick&dirty jamming with friends they might be ok.
My first impression was not so good, but meanwhile in combination with the Behringer and GigPerformer of course, i really ilke this keyboard.

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