Which OSC solution to use on my iPad now?

I’m not in a hurry, but have started thinking of setting up my iPad for some GP controlling.

I kind of get the understanding Lemur is the more advanced solution.

However, as I understand it, Lemur is not in the market for the time being.

What are your recommendations for an alternative solution?

Try TouchOSC

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I saw someone mention Open Stage Control.

Do you know anything about that solution compared to TouchOSC?

Maybe that helps

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Must admit I had only read the first few paragraphs of that blog, so hadn’t seen that Open Stage Control was covered in it :slight_smile:

Reminder to ourselves – in the future, we will only write the first few paragraphs of all our blogs :melting_face:



I’m usually a thorough reader, however this time I somehow made myself think it was about Lemur and TouchOSC. The oversight may also be due to me not really being ready to start my OSC journey when I checked the blog :slight_smile:

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I have a first experience of Touch OSC mk 2 with Lua scripting. Lua is an awful scripting langage, but Touch OSC is very nice. Not very well documented, so you will have to learn from the examples provided.



I used touchOSC and have moved to Open Stage Control. O-S-C seems more flexible and open ended, that the clients are browser based is a plus.

@rank13 built a super useful template for working with Setlists.

O-S-C and GP do work well together. The above template is a great starting point and learning resource.

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Does this ‘plus’ make it work on a smartphone?

yes, to best accommodate different screen sizes probably avoid fixed element positions by using percentages and relative measurements

But do you need to run a desktop HTML Open Stage Control server for this? I don’t see any Open Stage Control App in the Apple Store (I use an iPhone).

yes the sever is installed and needs to be running on the desktop, the devices need to be on the same network and and IP

Hmmm - Then, I will go on using TouchOSC on my smartphone, as it doesn’t need an additional desktop server.

understood. the desktop server requirement doesn’t put me off too much as O-S-C and GP both are apple scripted to open on boot up, making the integration fairly transparent:

Boot the laptop, wait a bit for everything to load, on the tablet open a browser and press refresh, pick the song/part and start playing. What fun.