Which MacBook for real-time audio?

Unfortunately, my Windows notebook broke. Now I need something new.
I was thinking of an Apple notebook. Since I am not familiar with Mac at all, I ask the question here:

Which Apple computer is suitable for
Realtime audio - Live performance with digital instruments running in Gig Performer?

What do you mean by calculator?

And what do you mean by realtime Audio?

Are you using VST instruments played by a MIDI Controller or do you process incoming Audio with plugins and send out to the Audio Interface?

Here is, what I am doing.

Cosmo Welfare - My Gig Performer Story - Gig Performer in Action - Gig Performer Community

OK, really impressed !

I am using a Mac Book Pro 2018 with 2TB SSD and 32 GB Ram and it is very pwoerful.
But I resampled the most demaning plugins - when possible - and play that sound via Kontakt from NI.

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calculator was a bug in the automatic translation program that I overlooked.
Computer, of course

My problem is this:

Where can I buy a suitable computer today?
Which computer is suitable today?

There are quite a few websites with tests and reviews but that’s not what I need.

A link to a cheap provider for a MacBook with 32 GB Ram and a 512 GB hard drive…

That depends on your needs.

Any modern Mac laptop will do. But such things as how much RAM, speed, disk drive size, etc depends much more on what plugins you want to run

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No such thing as a cheap provider for Macs other than occasional small discounts unless you buy second hand.

Macs are not like Windows where there are hundreds of different machines you could buy


2021 Apple iPad Pro (12.9", Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Space Gray (5th gen)

Is that ok?

That’s not a laptop


Gig Performer with Pianoteq (3 instances), HALion (2x), Zebra 2x),
LX480 Reverb 8 x, Fabfilter EQ 8 x, Master Limiter 1x.

Buffer size 64 samples

What audio interface are you using?

I’m sorry, but something like this will be my next MacBook:


Very expensive, but it is an investment in the future. Today I have MacBookPro (late 2013), so I think a new MacBook will do its work for another 10 years.

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I calculate with 5 years of use, a comparable Windows Notebook is this one:

And that is the million dollar observation - what do you want it to do? When the problem is defined the solution becomes clear. This applies to any type of device and operating system that is available.

Thank you for your guidance and advice.
I can see a lot clearer now.
My restless field of thought slowly disappears in the light.
What am I going to do now? Wait. Today I got an info from my computer factory. There will probably be new Windows notebooks with new hardware from May.
It is then also compatible with Windows 11 and I reckon with 2,500 euros.

The Macs are just too expensive for me. Unfortunately I’m not rich.

Rechner. :slight_smile:

My advice is to identify what needs you have and look for a solution. Mac, PC, those are just tools for getting tasks done (I don’t have any feelings for those “tools”). But I do have feelings for my “pocket”. :slight_smile:

For example (this is my first YT video):

I paid this laptop 550 euro, and I spent many great hours playing guitar on that laptop. It was simply a good price and it suited my needs. It still works glitch-free after 13 years of intensive usage.

I have a Mac, as well, and it also provides me with a great audio experience. My personal opinion (based on my experience) is that you’ll have less problems and headaches with Mac, when it comes to audio.

You decide. Bring all on paper and see pros/cons, benefits/cost.


Very good. Nice Video.
I also had an old notebook from 2016, with which I could play guitar well until recently. And also sometimes a piano or bass.
But that’s all it could do. That was an I7 laptop with 16 GB Ram.

And he is actually never crashed.
Why? Because it was specially assembled by professionals.
It’s not true that Macs are more reliable. You just can’t buy a laptop from a discount store.

Unfortunately, I doused the notebook with a drink.
But of course I have other computers.