Waves sampler instruments such as "Electric88" or "Grand Rhapsody Piano" are not loaded when opening the project

I don’t know if it just happens to me, but when I load the gig project (containing 71 rackspaces) the sampler of the “Waves” instruments (Vers. 11) are not loaded automatically.
The loading of the samplers happens only when I select the rackspace containing the instrument.

Anyone have any idea of the cause?
the GP version is 3.8.1
When the project is fully loaded, I still have 50% of memory available (out of a total of 32 GB). The CPU is an i7 - 6700HQ @ 2.6 GHz, OS Win10.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Are you using predictive load?

Sorry I forgot to report it, I can confirm that the predictive load is not activated

How can you see that is is not loaded?

By the way: V11 is buggy, like every time when Waves releases a new version.

Please see this KB article about Waves

When I select the rackspace containing the instruments I have to wait a couple of seconds before hearing the audio

What format of the plugin are you using?

The format is VST2

can you try AU?

Unfortunately no, I don’t have a mac

Can you open the plugin and upload a screenshot ?

Yes, as soon as I can, I just closed the project gig (without saving) and reopening it, it stopped loading the seventh rackspace

I hope there is all the information you need

Yes, thx

Any chance to upgrade to V12?

Thanks to you Paul.
At the moment I hadn’t considered the switch to V12, this end of the year I already gave myself the Pianoteq :slight_smile:

Do you think there are significant plugin fixes with V12?

I only can say that on my Mac and Gig Performer I have no issues with V12 - except a GUI bug,

I made a new gig project by putting 2 rackspaces in which in the first I connected the Electric88 and in the second the Grand Rhapsody Piano and I noticed that when you open the project it takes a couple of seconds to get the sound of the electric88, selecting the second rackspace where the Grand Rhapsody Piano is present and opening it quickly you can see the progress bar of the samples (the problem occurs with both vst2 and vst3 formats).Piano_WAVES.gig (10.8 KB)

On Mac I cannot reproduce.

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Hi Paul, I have installed the demo version of the Gran Rhapsody Piano V12 plugin only and can confirm that the problem has not been solved. Furthermore, if there are multiple rackspaces in the project containing the same plugin, the problem occurs on all of them. They are practically not usable for live use :angry:

Hi Angelo, that is a strange behaviour.
Can you test the Waves Insruments in a DAW like Cubase or Ableton Live?

I have no clue what be could be wrong with Gig Performer.