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I just purchased H-Reverb from Waves. Gig found and listed the plugin(s) in the plugin manager. However when I attempted to add the plugin to a rack, Gig crashed. This occurred regardless of which variation I used (there are several). I did start out attempting to open the Stereo VST and VST3…crash, and so on. I was able to recreate this behaviour several times. I then opened and hooked up Waves F6 EQ without any problem.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they were able to find a workaround.

I am using the latest version of Gig Performer in Windows 10 version 1809, build 17763.529. Audio interface is Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 v2 with latest drivers.

Thanks in advance,


I had similar issues with V9
Do you use V10?

Did you restart Gig Performer after installation of the plugin?
Did you create a completely new Gig?



Am using V10 plugins. Installed the plugin outside of Gig Performer. Opened H-Reverb in an existing Gig. Created a new Gig. Opened H-Reverb and it crashed Gig Performer.



Hi there and welcome to our forums. Your Waves plugin seems to be crashing.
I can see that you sent us a report - THANKS so we could figure out that this is what was happening.
Here is the message:

> Unhandled exception at 0x00007FF95EC29EF0 (WavesLib1_10.0_Win64.dll) in crashdump.dmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000018.

Maybe this could help them if you contact Waves and give them this message, explain what happened.


Yes, same result here with any of the H-Reverb plugins. My workaround is to put the plugin inside Blue Cat PatchWork, which I use a lot of anyway.
For some reason, wrapping H-Reverb inside another plugin allow it to work, but it crashes by itself.


Thanks for the replies everyone. I’ll check out Blue Cat and contact Waves.

I’m up in Canada where we just celebrated Victoria day. You have Memorial day coming up. Enjoy.



I face the same issue, just sent a crash log to Waves.


Thanks @gfd although - we do have Canadians on the team as well :maple_leaf:

It seems that there’s something wrong with the plugin.
If you are on windows - try VST2 and VST3 versions if they provide those. On a mac - try AU version as well. Sometimes a different edition of the plugin works slightly differently.


You’re right, The VST2 version of the H-Reverb plugin crashes, but VST3 version works.


Good to know and thanks for sharing with others.
I’d encourage you to report this to Waves as well. I’m sure they will appreciate the feedback.


Maybe I’m losing my mind, but I was able to open the VST3 versions without a crash today. Opened quickly, all good. I could have sworn Gig crashed when I opened a VST3 yesterday. But neither Gig, Windows, nor H-Reverb have changed; so it has to be my error.


Gig Performer is once again crashing, even when I open an H-Reverb VST3. Perhaps I could get the latest crash info so that I can contact Waves. Thanks again,



Did you contact Waves Support?


Waves should have a Gig Performer license and with detailed instructions from @gfd they should be able to reproduce the problem you’re having. Once they reproduce it - they should be able to fix it.
We have a good relationship with them and should they need any help they can contact us any time.


I contacted them and this I got back:

Dear Thaddäus,

Thank you for contacting Waves Tech Support.

Please note that Gig Performer 3 is not officially supported with Waves latest software version.
This does not necessarily mean that it won’t work, just that our software was not designed for it nor tested and qualified to run with it.

Due to this fact, we do not have a knowledge-base of possible issues. It might work fine, but if it doesn’t we will not be able to assist.

Please refer to our Supported Hosts page for a comprehensive list.

I sent them a new crash report where clearly HReverb is mentioned.


Hey Thaddäus,

I got a little lazy and it fell on you. Thank you. Perhaps you could let us know of the result of your second session with Waves.

Should I contact Waves support now or wait until you get a second response?

I find the first response from Waves to be rather curious. Why would Waves not want to ensure their plugins work on as many platforms as possible. Furthermore, they have the information required to do the fix. Perhaps a fix would involve digging too deep into the software. Or maybe they’ll just fix it quietly :slight_smile:

There are wrappers. Blue Cat’s has Patchwork and I see that MetaPlugin by DDMF is an alternative. Don’t know how well or if they work, but I read that Blue Cat’s is well regarded. But that begs the question "why am I buying plugins, plugin hosts; and wrappers to make plugins work in the host?


I ask them again, if the new crash report helps them.


Will wait for the result


While we wait … @pianopaul managed to capture the crash report clearly indicating how and where it crashed within the Waves H-Reverb plugin. Here’s part of that report

Thread 0 Crashed:

0   com.WavesAudio.WavesLib1_10. 0x0000000122e04d38 _ZN10cALGORITHM13GetParamStateEm + 4
1   com.WavesAudio.H-Reverb.10.0.0      0x00000001124520b2 _ZN13CHRevScroller17UpdatePointerSelfEm + 30
2   com.WavesAudio.WavesLib1_10. 0x0000000122e70d83 _ZN12WCGUIControl13UpdatePointerEm + 91
3   com.WavesAudio.WavesLib1_10. 0x0000000122dcdeae _ZN14sCONTROL_PARAM17UpdateControllersEv + 40
4   com.WavesAudio.WavesLib1_10. 0x0000000122e04a00 _ZN10cALGORITHM13UpdateDisplayEm + 210
5   com.WavesAudio.WavesLib1_10. 0x0000000122e06222 _ZN10cALGORITHM6DoIdleEs + 132
6   com.WavesAudio.WaveShell1-VST.10.0.53 0x000000012f81d2a4 _ZN18WCPluginGraphicaGS10BeforeDrawEv + 166
7   com.WavesAudio.WaveShell1-VST.10.0.53 0x000000012f81e285 _ZN24WCPluginGraphicaGSOpenGL10BeforeDrawEv + 19
8   com.WavesAudio.WaveShell1-VST.10.0.53 0x000000012f81d1af _ZN18WCPluginGraphicaGS4DrawEv + 21
9   com.WavesAudio.WaveShell1-VST.10.0.53 0x000000012f81c8ba _ZN18WCPluginGraphicaGS12DrawCallbackEPv + 18
10  com.apple.AppKit                    0x00007fff309f141e _NSViewDrawRect + 66

We have been in touch with Waves. While they’re working on a fix, they suggest using the VST3 version