Vst's through FRFR doesn't sound very good

Hello, I don’t know if this post should really go here, but I hope you can help me. I use Gig Performer with electric guitar and the corresponding vst along with a third generation scarlett 2i2 and a Laney FRFR as amplification. My problem is that the racks I make sound very metallic, like they have a reverb inside a metal tube. Can someone advise me on what I should do to make them sound like they do through the headphones? Thank you.


Hi @lucas, have you ever connected/used the laney with your 2i2 before? Do you have a guitar recording that you could play on your computer (without using Gig Performer) to see whether the issue is with anything that you send to the speaker. Also, are you only using mono effects?

Hi, I only used the 2i2 to connect the guitar to the computer and recording my guitar tracks in Studio One, i bought the Laney 2 months ago and i’m testing all my equipment with the intention of being able to use it live. All my recorded guitars sound good in my computer through my headphones. And i use mono effects due to the FRFR amplifier is mono.

Do you get the same issue if you play a mono guitar track from Studio One out of the 2i2 and into the Laney?

I’ll try and i’ll tell you soon.

Do you have Direct Monitoring enabled while playing? Then your direct signal would mix up with your processed one…

Can you upload a small gig file, I would like to check your routing?

Sorry, I’m new user and i cannot upload attachments, i post a MEGA link to the file.

OK, nothing unusual.
how does it sound when you create a new rackspace and connect Audio in direct to audio out in gig performer


Ok, so no issue with audio.
You connect your guitar, the signal goes into Gig Performer and out to your Cabinet and this is sounding OK?

Sounds good, but it gets worse as I add vst’s

Which rackspace?
Can you do a test and bypass all plugins, then enable one by one and check if the sound goes crazy.

Especially in the one that says Bogner


Why did you connect only the left side?

cause if i connect both sides it sounds only on the left channel. The same when i’m using it on studio one.

OK, when you bypass NA Bg Ecstasy, does it stop sounding weird?

opps!! yes, I knew something weird was going on with that vst but I never thought of trying it this way.


So, this is the culprit.
No issue of Gig Performer at all, right?

Try this

Not at all, Gig Performer works perfectly. I have to go to work right now, tomorrow i will try your solution and i will tell you what happens. Thanx for your time and help.

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