Vocoder/Vocal Harmonizer

Does anyone have experience with a VST that can be used to create similar vocal effects as this keyboard player for example:

Maybe this?

The magic words to search for is “talkbox effect”.
Unfortunately I personally don’t know a dedicated plugin for this, but maybe it helps you to find one.

Strohhalm plug-im Mund? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is the same keyboarder (Lorenz Rhode) playing this song alone, with a good view on what he’s doing.
So because of the hose he is singing into tgis definitely is a talkbox he is using…

And here is an article that describes how the daftpunk sound is made by using the Ovox VST… nice, but no comparison to the real talkbox sound (or maybe the tutorial just wasn’t good):

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iZotope VocalSynth Pro?

I have got a set of their very good plugins, but they all require a physical iLok dongle (all other iLok protected plugins I have don’t need the dongle anymore).

But it really does the job:

By looking at the tube it’s probably the Rocktron (although something else could be attached to it…). I got one myself, and it’s really fun playing with it, although your dental fillings may not like it as much (with higher volumes) :joy:

It’s easy to add into your live setup, probably only an extra line-out to go to the box.
Really hard to recreate this with a vst afaik, unfortunately…

Would this do it?

Thank you all! I will try VocalSynth and Articulator the next days.

The is currently an offer from Melda, it’s MVododer for 25€. But no idea if it could do the job or not…

Thank you! Unfortunately, I do not have so much time at the moment. But I will test all and share my experiences here then.

I am very curious about this. :wink:

I’m currently using Waves Morphoder, which Waves has on sale Morphoder Synth Vocoder Plugin | Waves

I’m using Synth1, which is a good general purpose (free) Nord Lead clone. It seems to work better than the internal carrier feature of vocoder, especially since you can set up some vibrato pitch modulation, which is important to get a good sounding talkbox/vocoder solo lines.

I’m feeding a cheapo gooseneck mic signal into the vocoder that also has some compression to even out the signal before going into the vst

I will see if I can find my presets to help you get a decent starting point

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