Virtual Midi Keyboard (free)


Hi Chaps,

Not a VST - but a really useful little free virtual midi keyboard - that is really handy when setting up/testing racks or when writing scripts.

I have been using it for about 7 years and it has never given me any aggravation. I use it all the time when I am writing scripts and the like when away from real keyboards (mainly because I have an affinity for comfortable chairs when doing this sort of stuff!).


I hope its of use to someone.



For Mac? For Windows?


On Mac I am using “Midi Keys”


Sorry - I should have said - the virtual keyboard is for Windows only.



There is also the “MIDI Tools” application from Mountain Utilities which is for OSX and Windows. It does not just include a virtual keyboard, but can send all kinds of CC messages, SysEx messages and various other things.


I use this frequently, This is available for Windows & Mac. And works as a plugin for working on Racks, and standalone.