Vienna Ensemble Pro stress testing and questions?


I am currently testing VEP7 on Gig Performer to see if it would maximize my CPU usage, here is what I found out.

HP Prodesk 400 G1 - i7-4770 - 16GB RAM

I tested a super long guitar plugin chain (Fortin Nameless Suite and High Oversampling) + tons of EQs and compressor plugins. The resting cpu usage is 63% to 71%.

I then added multiple Serum instances (polyphonic pads) along side this guitar chain to see how much I could add before the CPU would clip. Tests were done running Serum inside GP3, and then on the VEP7 Server (running on same PC), and rerouted back into GP3. Multiprocessing on VEP7 server set at 7 instances.

At 1 Serum instance:

  • GP3 hosted hit 97%
  • VEP7 hosted - GP3 stayed at 84-88% - Synth runs smoothly

At 2 Serum instances:

  • GP3 hosted completely freezes out
  • VEP7 hosted - GP3 stayed at 84-88% - Synths runs smoothly (VEP usage around 80%)

At 3-5 Serum instances:

  • GP3 hosted completely freezes out
  • VEP7 hosted - GP3 stayed at 84-88% - Synths runs with moderate glitching (VEP usage around 95%)
  • The CPU clips the same no matter if I am using 3-5 instances, probably due to parallel multiprocessing

On my Activity monitor in the Task manager, when using GP3 alongside VEP7, I was able to get a more even distribution of load across all cores. If the synths are all hosted within GP3, it always usually maxes out 1 or 2 cores, and leaves the other 6 with little CPU usage, causing the CPU to clip earlier than the VEP7 routing.

Anyways, is there a way to take advantage of more multithreading efficiency within GP3?

I thought I would share this test result with everyone who was curious about this. I am currently only using the VEP7 demo, it does not have Save and Load to test out, and have some questions about it before buying a copy. Here is a question for those who have VEP7:

How do VEP7 instances load when you are switching rackspaces in GP3?
Is it instant?
Or do you need to send a midi message to VEP7 server to change settings?
Do opening Gig files recall the VEP7 server instances smoothly and consistently everytime?
Are there any other issues?