Video Player plugin in Gig Performer

Hi everyone,
Like audio player, is there any way in Gig Performer to play vidéo file ? Or do you know vst plugin capable to do it ?
Thanks for your reply.

Hi @ChristianRado I guess zog searched the community forum with an accent in « video » (vidéo) and didn’t found anything…

Also @pianopaul mentioned in other topics that he uses GrandVJ with GP:

Great Thanks. I’ll try imediately.

Here’s a video with an older version of Gig Performer.

Ok friend, thanks a lot. I’ll try. :slight_smile:

And please give us a feedback of your own experience. :wink:

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Yes friend. I’ll post here my feedback.

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hi, i’m using a standalone APP named MiX16 Pro ( - controlled by MIDI out from Gig Performer … if you like to see it in action, check out the gigperformer backstage this week. MiX16 is a very simple software where you can start more videos fading between like a VJ … and so on.


If you missed, check out Backstage with Gig Performer - Special Guest Harry Triendl - YouTube

I am wondering how you made out? Did you go with vidplayvst or MiX16?