[video] How to set up MIDI Guitar 3 with Gig Performer


It catched my attention how “different” is the vst version vs the AU Version. The AU should not be connected to the instrument as shown in the video. Besides that the AU block has also midi input? Idk why that is required… But i guess the final result is the Same

AUs were always somewhat different: MIDI Guitar 2 and Gig Performer

Yes, the MG3 AU plugin is creating a virtual MIDI connection, that will send all MPE/MIDI through the GP MIDI In (OMNI) port.

The VST version however is “Sending MIDI direct to track” and should be wired directly to any instrument.

At this point it is best to stick with the VST plugin, since using multiple intances of the AU plugin simultaneously is not working right now. (And this goes for having multiple instances open anywhere on the computer, not just inside a particular DAW)


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Please where can i found MIDI Guitar 3 OSX ?

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