MIDI Guitar 2 and Gig Performer

MIDI Guitar 2 from Jam Origin is a wonderful plugin if you need to convert your guitar sound into MIDI and subsequently to any sound you want limited only by your collection of instrument plugins.

I have been using both MIDI Guitar 1 and 2.
We were recently in touch with Jam Origin and we received an important piece of information regarding the usage of MIDI Guitar 2 and Gig Performer on OS X.

The VST version works as expected. You insert it into your rackspace, connect your guitar to its audio input channel and your MIDI data comes out of its MIDI port. You can of course do this in as many rackspaces as you want.

However, the AU version does not produce MIDI on the MIDI out channel. Instead, it creates a new virtual MIDI Output port and you will then need to create a corresponding MIDI In Block to receive MIDI from the MIDI Guitar plugin. Doable but rather extra unnecessary work.

In short, prefer the VST version over the AU version and just insert a MIDI Guitar 2 VST plugin into a rackspace when you need it.

MIDI Guitar 2 plugin (there’s a free trial) can be download from Jam Origin’s website: https://www.jamorigin.com


i ran into this right away, and i am pretty much fully committed to AU…my solution is to run MIDI Guitar 2 as a standalone, with a midi in block for it that doesn’t need to be recreated for every instance. i just don’t connect it in rackspace where i don’t need it. MIDI Guitar 2 is a great thing!

While that will certainly work - it will also waste your CPU cycles since it will always run. If majority of your rackspaces use MIDI Guitar - this is fine, but if you only have a few rackspaces with it it could be a waste.

If your computer is good enough though - it may not matter at all and it may be a good workaround.

i always figured the MG2 cpu hit was pretty low, but looking at it now, i see that when i strum all 6 strings consistently, the cpu usage gets up to about 8%. a little higher than i’d like, maybe significant. i’ll see about using ONE vst! (i’m on a 2012 MacBook pro 2.9GHz i7, 16G RAM, for live use.) about half of my rackspace use MG2 though.

There is also one benefit of using MG2 as a standalone which you should consider…
Because it runs in a completely separate space - your CPU is able to offload its processing out of your normal audio process thread which in turn may improve your “feel” when you are playing.

If you are using it in half of your rackspaces - it may be better to actually do what you’re doing now.

Did somebody try to use it to MIDIfy a non MIDI keyboard ? (Rhodes, Wurly, B3, etc…)

Would actually be cool to see if that’d work :slight_smile: The problem may be the range if you play a note outside the guitar frequency range, but other than that …

Hummm… I would love to be able to use this with wintage keyboards, but not sure that the frequency range of a guitar is enough.

in fact, i use an altered tuning - “Guitar Craft” tuning - and the range is not enough. they told me ages ago they were going to expand the range, but i think they’ve been working on their iOS app (major new version just released) to the exclusion of the desktop app. other than that, it’s pretty fantastic if slightly unreliable, and i find it interfaces well with GP.