Variation not responding to MIDI PC messages on MC8

Hi all

I’m very new to Gig Performer. But this first step has me stumped. I’ve tried reading articles etc, but I’m at a loss. I’ve spent hours trying to work it out

I have two variations under one rackspace. Both variations work perfectly when clicking them with a mouse.

I have a Morningstar MC8 guitar midi controller.

When I press Button A Global MIDI Monitor tells me the message is “Program change 1 Channel 1”. When I press B it is " Program change 2 Channel 1).

Variation Properties 1 = PC #1 Bank # 0 MSB 0 LSB
Variation Properties 2 = PC #2 Bank # 0 MSB 0 LSB

I have “Remap incoming bank select messages to bank 0 MSB 0 LSB” switched ON

When I press button A the variation changes from 1 to 2, which is odd because that should be mapped to PC #1. But when I press button B nothing happens even though MIDI monitor shows the correct message (above) being sent.

This might have nothing to do with it, but the Morningstar editor appears to list Banks start at #1???

Could someone help please - this is driving me nuts and I’m sure it’s something incredibly simple.

Thank you in advance


[blog] How to change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller

Use the MIDI Monitor to check what your controller sends.

[blog] Program Change Management

This can also shed some light.

Have you looked into changing Variations without using PC messages. There are threads on this topic.

I think it is easier/preferred way to do rackspace/variation/song/songpart changes.

What happens if you adjust this setting?:


Thanks for your help everyone.

After sitting down with a beer it all became clear. I had to reduce the PC number by -1 in my Controller editor. For some reason PC0 in editor =1 in Gig Performer and 1 = 2

Anyway, it works now… thank you for your time it really is appreciated

Some systems use the range 0…127 and others use 1…128