[blog] How to change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller

Here’s a new blog article: Gig Performer | How to change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller


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I just getting started with setting up rackspaces/variations. My question has to do with handling program changes. So I have a ac pno patch on my bottom (of two) kybds. But I don’t always know what patch I want to use for the top kybd (i.e. for soloing). I may want something that cuts through or something that is mellower. Should I make multiple rackspaces or variations with patches that I think I might want to use or should I have one rackspace and set it up so I can choose the patch (for the top kybd) on the fly? It seems like a lot of work to make many variations with different lead patches. Thanks! Dan

If your bottom keyboard stays as ac piano, you could consider to have this as an “omnipresent” instrument in the global rackspace and add the other (changing) sounds from local rackspaces/variations… that would IMHO be the ideal mix of reliability and flexibility.


For those who prefer to watch a video, check out this:

How To Change Sounds and Control Plug-Ins From Your MIDI Controller

Question: I’m using an Arturia 88 MkII with Gig Performer. I’d love to figure out how to assign each drum pad to a rackspace. How to assign a drum pad to a specific rackspace?

Answer: Two approaches:

[1] if the MIDI message associated with a drum pad can be changed, then change them so they send Program Change messages (rather than Note messages)

[2] if the first approach can’t be done, then you can create a gig script that would convert the incoming Note messages from your drum pads to Program Change messages.