How to set a widget to jump to a specific rackspace

Since this is a recurring question in the forum, here’s a tip – how to set a widget to jump to a specific rackspace.


Download this gig file: Widget-selects-rackspace.gig (71.8 KB)


  1. Add a System Actions block in the Global rackspace.
  2. Add three widgets in the Global rackspace, and map them to the ProgramChange parameter of the System Actions plugin.
  3. Group these three widgets into a Radio Group and turn off the Send on radio button off toggle button in Widget Properties.
  4. Adjust the Scaling Curves of each widget (0, 1m, 2m, respectively).

Optionally learn these widgets to (say) a CC or a Note MIDI message from your controller.


I downloaded the project and i see its working, but the scaled value is not set as 0, 1 and 2.
So am confused about what is the key thing which switches the rackspace when the widgets are pressed?

Widget values go from 0.0 to 100.0
MIDI values go from 0 to 127

Hence the scaling

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I understand the scale part, 0-100(widget value) is converted to Scaled value (0-127).

But the confusion is what is the 3 widgets supposed to output (when pressed) on it so as to get the correct Rack selected. Should the value be set inside Widget Value or Scaled Value ?
String: 0 (widget value) or 0.27 (scaled value)
Flute: 1 (widget value) or 1.27 (scaled value)
Pad: 2 (widget value) or 2.54 (scaled value)

I haven’t found a way on how to set correctly values into the Scaled Value curve, can you make a gif picture and attach and show us how to set Scaled value correctly?

Per documentation, you enter MIDI values suffixed with ‘m’ (1m, 2m, 3m, … ).

I listed what to enter in the steps above.

Check out the user manual for more information.


As per your suggestion we need to set values 0, 1m, 2m in the Scaled Value.
In Scaled Value curve popup there is Min and Max textboxes, where should the value be set?


Click on Max and then enter for example 1m

I figured it out.
I had to enter 0m, 1m and 2m in the min and max fields on the Scaled Value popup.

For anyone who gets confused and come here let this be a help:
1st Rack is String so min and max will be 0m
2nd Rack is Flute so min and max will be 1m
3rd Rack is Pad so min and max will be 2m

Like I said :wink:


Or, as explained in the documentation (:slight_smile: )

You can also directly enter values using MIDI numbers, by adding the letter “m” at the end of the value. For example, if you type in “64m”, Gig Performer will interpret it as an exact value of 50.39 (roughly 50% of the maximum MIDI value of 127).

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To make it easy for users, will it be good to have only one textbox to enter the scaled value instead of opening the scaled value popup and entering it in the min and max textbox?
For advanced users this popup and 2 textboxes (min and max) will make some sense.

That’s not a bad idea - that said, the need for this particular feature (using a widget to jump to a specific rackspace) will go away soon as an upcoming version of GP will have the ability to map a MIDI message directly to a rackspace (or a song part)


Hi I´m new here and have tried a bit,
here is my idea - use it if you like

regards joe
RS_switch.gig (213.3 KB)


Standard latching LED widgets (rather than momentary pads) may be a better solution as you can easily see from the widgets which of the rackspaces is active.

(I’d also reverse the variation buttons, so that ‘previous’ is the first button)

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RS_switch(2).gig (262.4 KB)

and now V3 with Radiogroup :sweat_smile:
learning by doing …,

sorry i`m a absolute beginner

RS_switch(3).gig (262.3 KB)


Why are you sorry? We welcome your contribution. Everyone has to learn. Thanks for sharing.