UVI releases Falcon 3

UVI released Falcon 3 and has a sale on it now.



Thank you for posting this. I could not find the minimum CPU required on their site, just other info. Do you know if Falcon 3 would be ok on a 2 Ghtz CPU?

Hmm, I have an old version of Falcon 2 but I always forget about it. I didn’t realize though that Falcon is based on an old MOTU plugin

Very tempting! (BTW: The special offer is valid until Nov. 5.)
Can anybody say how it “behaves” with Gig Performer, i.e. is host automation implemented in a convenient way?
I am actually thinking of dropping that Roland Cloud stuff and getting the new Falcon instead.

There support seems to be fast. I created a ticket last night and received the following reply.

“There are no CPU requirements for our products, but we recommend having at least a Core i3 or equivalent in order to use Falcon.”

I’ll probably get this while on sale.

I have Falcon 2 and definitely plan to upgrade to v3. Not too demanding on the CPU. It’s a whole different palette of sounds compared to Omnisphere, but equally impressive.

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Does it stand on its own, or do we need several of their sounds library offerings to feel comfortable? (I am bit lazy and also too busy to design patchs from scratch and I appreciate having large sound libraries with sound search options) :innocent:

It does have a sizable library of sounds in Falcon Factory 1 and 2 sound banks. I bought 4 extra sound banks over the last few years. After auditioning sounds in the Falcon preset tour within UVI Workstation, I decided to buy Falcon 2 when it was on sale. It’s not the easiest synth to edit, so the extra sound banks are a good addition.

Upgrading from Falcon 2 to 3 was free.

How good is Falcon 3 for “bread & butter” sounds or natural instruments?
Does it a good job in that, or is it more a synthetic sounds specialist?

It’s more geared to synthesis. If you download UVI Workstation you can access the Falcon preset tour bank to preview a few dozen patches to get a glimpse of the depth of sounds. I don’t think there are any new patches from Falcon 3 in this bank.

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I like Falcon very much and use it in some rackspaces, but not for “bread & butter” sounds or natural instruments, mostly for synthetic sounds. I haven’t been able to try out the new patches yet because UVI’s servers are once again extremely slow.

I’m still hesitating, I guess I will let this week pass and then decide. Not sure if I will need this, if I already own Diva, the Arturia collection, NI komplette, some synths from Cherry Audio… most probably I won’t need another synthetic sound source.

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An additional voucher of 100euros comes with this sale and for one Falcon extension bought, they give another for free… It’s now or never :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know… sigh
I thought quite often about buying it, but the price seemed always a bit too high in my opinion… maybe i’m getting weak this time. We’ll see.

I’ve never seen Falcon for less than 260 euros, so at 199 euros, it’s really really now or never… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Otherwise, the main criticism I’ve seen is that there’s no patch search engine by keywords in Falcon 2.5 . I wonder if this has been changed for Falcon 3?

Argh… a proper preset handling is worth a lot! :grimacing:
I own the Sylenth1 synth which i like a lot for its sound and useability, but the preset handling is just a big PITA, because there is no sorting, filtering or search function. You always have to click and crawl through every sound bank, and this is what killed the fun of using it for me.
If that’s similar with Falcon, then thanks… no.
Maybe there will be some more info coming during the next days… will keep my eyes open for that!

This! For 50 €, I would purchase it, just to play around with it. But never for 200 €, especially for something that I’d likely seldom use.

I bought several Cherry Audio synths because they were inexpensive. There were some good sounds, but the plugins were taxing on the CPU, so I haven’t really used them. I love some of the Falcon sounds, and it is more expensive but I’m more inclined to actually use the sounds because of low CPU demand.

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Search seems to work in Falcon 3. I’m not sure if it works with expansion banks.

Pro Tools used to include Falcon and UVI Workstation and it had a special bank of sounds from UVI Plugsound Library which has a nice selection of bread and Butter sounds, It’s too bad I can’t use those sounds on Falcon outside of Pro Tools. UVI really should put those sounds in the factory bank of Falcon 3