Using the CANA Epic Vocals plugin causes the sound to stop on certain variations

Hello, I’m having a bit of a problem here. I have a rackspace with three variations. I have used it without much change for months. Suddenly there is no sound in two of the three variations. Even the click has the same issue. The sound is however there if I measure it with an audio mixer. It’s just that the OUT mixer on the bottom right shows no signal and there’s indeed no sound there. The rest of the gig file seems normal, it’s just these two variations of this one rackspace. I’ll attach a video for illustration.

I’m currently on a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB with the Focusrite ASIO driver.

It’s fixed after restarting GP but I don’t want to happen this during live performance, so I’d like to find the cause of this.

Could it be that you mute the audio out in the variation?

Can you do this? That would have to be actual Audio Out block and I don’t think you can even control this from a rackspace, can you?

Now it is working?

When it was not working, could you hear sound when you went back to the previous variation?

Yes, it was specifially an issue with these two variations. I was able to use the entire rest of the gig file without any problems.

My question was if switching back to the previous variation the sound could be heard?

Do you use set list mode?

No, I don’t use setlist mode.

@pianopaul Yes, switching back to the previous variation worked normal.

Did you save the gigfile before you did that restart? If not, I’m betting that something got changed that muted the audio and because it wasn’t saved, everything worked again after restarting.

I am wondering why we have outputs 3 and 4 having a signal while only output 1 and 2 are used?

I thought he might be sending stuff to global rackspace

Yes, we have to know everything if we want to have a chance to explain what happens here. I am pretty sure there is no magic here, only something that we cannot see immediately…

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Yes. the global rackspace is involved here. The general setup is that I route everything to global rackspace where all 10 output channels go directly to the output. I use 3+4 for keyboard sounds. However, all channels also go to 1+2 which I use for monitoring at home (click, keyboard sounds, backing tracks, and my vocal mic go together into my external mixer there). Right now I’m having the same issue again, and again with the exact same two variations. The other channels are still there, just 1+2 are muted. I went through the entire chain several times however and I can’t figure it out. Especially since I should also hear the click which also goes silent.

I’ve also tried adding an instrument directly to global rackspace and routing it into channel 1+2 of the Audio Out. But to no effect.

Here’s the global rackspace setup:

And again, restarting GP fixes the problem. Even if I save the gig file before closing. So I’m tending towards assuming that this is actually a tiny bug somewhere in one of the nodes.

Another explanation is that some variation is initalized appropriately at startup but something you’re doing along the way is changing some parameter so as impact the sound.

That said, if you’re able to provide a simple reproducible version of this, we can take a look at it.

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I think I found the reason. It’s a VST plugin (“CANA Epic Vocals” that causes the error. Sometimes for some reason it seems to block output from Outputs 1 and 2 even though this is completely unrelated to how it’s integrated into the rackspace. It doesn’t even go exclusively to 1 and 2, nor does everything actually go through that noise gate. Anyway, when I bypass that plugin I can suddenly hear everything again, including the click from GP.

Correction: The plugin in question is “CANA Epic Vocals”.

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