Using the CANA Epic Vocals plugin causes the sound to stop on certain variations

Really appreciate your taking the time to track this issue down. If you have a very simple way to reproduce, it might be worth reaching out to the developer

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The plugin has been causing be a few of those issues in the past actually. It just kept working in this one rackspace without errors for a long time now, so I kind of forgot about it. It’s a free plugin, so I guess I’ll just look out for a replacement.

Thanks @mangolassi for the feedback. It’s a first for me, I never heard of anything like that in the past. :thinking:

Can you update your previous post where you referred to a plugin called NA Analog Rack and correct it to the actual plugin that caused the problem – then we can make that post be the “solution” to the topic.

Stupid question but how do I do that? I can’t find an edit button. I just assumed I’m not supposed to edit my messages here.

That’s not a stupid question, use the “pen” icon next to the title to edit it:

I don’t see a pen icon next to my message though.

I don’t understand why, but in modified it for you (in the topic title and in your post). Which Internet browser and OS do you use ?

Thank you! I’m on Windows 11 and Chrome (version 113.0.5672.129).

Do you see it now? :slight_smile:

After my post was edited I can now see the edit note and do further edits from there. But for posts not already changed I still don’t see it.

EDIT: I am however able to edit this post. The option is unavailable for all other of my posts though.
EDIT 2: Now I can edit everything. Pretty odd.