Using GP live and recording into Studio one simultaneously

I’ve been using GP as my main live rig (Bass in a punk band) for the last couple of years.
But this weekend I’ve been asked to do sound engineering for an acoustic duo (1 vocal and 2 DI guitars)
I’m fine with all the ins and outs of GP in a live setting, but would like to record their set into Studio one on my laptop simultaneously . My setup is Behringer HD404 on windows10. Is there a definitive guide to doing this on windows? I’m aware of ‘Loopback’ for Mac users, but what’s the best alternative to Loopback how could I do this on a PC?
Thanks x

I’m aware of GP’s recording capability, but would like to record directly into my DAW for easier editing later

Can’t you import your recorded files in a DAW?

Anyway, some ideas on Windows: How to route audio and MIDI on Windows and macOS [resources]

Yes, I can do that no problem. But was thinking, if I can record it into my DAW at the same time, it will be easier to just open the DAW project at a later date with everything there, If that makes any sense.
will have a read through the link you provided. Thanks npudar x

Right now, the two ways to do this are

  1. If you have spare inputs and outputs in your audio interface, then you could
  • Connect patch cables between those spare inputs and outputs
  • route GP to the spare outputs
  • In your DAW, receive audio from the inputs to which you patched those cables
  1. Use Virtual Cable to route the audio between GP and your DAW
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Hi David,
Not enough ins and out on my interface to do No1.
But just checked the link you provided, looks like I’ll check this one out

While the concept is awesome the implementation of the Matrix is not quite there yet, the latency is pretty much unusable.

Cheers for the reply aharry.
Would you know anything about ‘ASIO Link Pro’?
Looks good, but it’s abandon-ware now. I’ll try and see if it works, but apprehensive because of future Windows update conflictions.

I’ve used it as well and it does really well and latency was not really an issue but the interface and routing methods are (to me) very confusing and not intuitive.

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Thanks mate,
I’ll give that a try then :+1:

I’ve used it for years, and still do!
There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it is well worth the time to learn. There isn’t another app for this type of thing as versatile with zero latency out there.


I would comment that the time it would take to investigate/test/implement this option would then greatly outweigh the simplicity of using GP’s recording feature and dragging/dropping the files in your DAW when you’re ready.

Hi, eventually an solution for you?

regards Joe

From my experience, i can say that from all the virtual cables and device drivers, there was only one which worked as well as the good old “ASIO Link Pro” (which i am still using), and that was “Jack Audio” for Windows!

Home | JACK Audio Connection Kit

Using JACK on Windows | JACK Audio Connection Kit

Regarding latency, they say this:
Does using JACK add latency? | JACK Audio Connection Kit

That’s something you should probably try! :slight_smile:
Good luck


Thanks for all the replies everyone, lots of options for me to look into. :+1:
I’ve just found out the gig has now been cancelled due to Covid. So I’ve more time to look into this at a more leisurely rate.
GP is a fantastic product and has a wonderful community of musicians on this forum.
Thanks for the help and wishing you all a merry xmas.


Yes but that model doesn’t work very well if you’re recording tracks in your DAW and you want to add new tracks or replace a few bars of a tracks, etc while playing back existing tracks.

Just tried Jack2 as recommended by Schamass.
After a bit of head scratching, managed to get it working exactly as I want.
Had a few pops and clicks initially, then realised I’d got the sample rate buffer at 32. changed it to 64 and it worked perfectly with no obvious latency.
Got to look into this a bit deeper on how to add ins and outs with the patchbay, but yeah, this is the solution for me.
Thanks once again :+1: :+1:

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Jack was one suggestion in the posted link above :slight_smile:

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Jack looks great, but I never got it to work on any of my systems.