Using a guitar as an controller

I hope this is the right place, if not direct it to the place to be.
I want to use a guitar to play some synth vst’s but the ‘problem’ is that i have some guitar amps with only audio out and not midi out. Is there a vst that can change an a midi audio signal into a midi signal?

Thanks in advance

You can take a look here

Thanks i am trying it out. But how do i get it into GigPerformer?

Connect the plugin with your audio in in gigperformer.
From the plugin connect midi to your synth vst and then the synth vst to audio out.
Connect your guitar to your audio interface which acts as audio input in gig performer

5he picture in the forum entry I posted shows it very clear.

An alternative plugin, but only monophonic right now

I understand but i can’t get in GP. When i open Manager, i choose the path where i have the desired plugin, i choose scan and then GP will scan it and put in the directory so i can open it and use it but with Midi Guitar 2 it won’t show.

Do you see the plugin in the plugin manager window in gig performer?
Are you sure you are using 64 bit vst?

I don’t see the plugin in the manager window and i put the 64 bit in a different folder than the 32 bit.

In what folder place the 64 bit vst?
Delete the 32 bit vst as gig performer needs 64 bit vst.

They are in separate files, but do i have to remove the 32 bit one?

Please remove the 32 bit version and take the folder out in the plugin manager.
Are you sure you included the folder where the 64 bit vst is installedy?

Does the vst appear in red at the bottom of plugin manager window?

The moment i open the window manager and choose the right file, the actual program is not visible.

I am confused.
Do you see the vst plugin in the plugin manager window?

No, i can’t see the plugin.

Then it is not validated.
Do you see it in red at the bottom of the window?
If not then your path to the plugin is wrong or you did not set it.

It’s really weird because when i open the window manager and set the correct file, i don’t see the file Midi Guitar 2 at all.

I don’t understand what you are saying

Please show some screenshot to show what you are doing.

@Nielswil68 you can also run MIDI Guitar 2 as a standalone application.
Make sure you disable any internal sound generation.

Once you have MIDI Guitar 2 open as a separate application you can see a new MIDI Input called “MIDI Guitar Out”.

Insert a new MIDI In block with this device or just use the already existing MIDI omni block to connect it to you synth or whatever you plan to use it with.

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I know that, that is not the problem. But putting it into GP3 is a problem.

Please show some screenshot to show what you are doing.