Use your mobile phone to control your guitar or keyboard effects

Here’s a new blog article:

My goal with OSC was to try to find free (or trial, at least) software for Android and show step by step how to configure at least one button and a knob, so readers can try it immediately and develop their setups/ideas further. Readers generally lose interest if there is no trial (like Lemur or TouchOSC). They want at least to try it themselves and then buy software if they find it useful.

My criteria were:

  • Sofware is free (or at least trial or has in-app purchase)
  • Software is up to date (I’m not interested in abandonware or software that isn’t updated since 2015. etc)
  • Software is well documented

Results were disappointing:

  • OSC Surface (my phone shows compatibility issues since it isn’t updated since 2015)
  • LittleOSC (too simple, doesn’t have sliders, no custom design, just 4 buttons)
  • OSC.knobs (too simple)
  • Osc Control (no documentation at all, I spent 30 mins trying to configure it, to no avail. It simply doesn’t work, although there are guys that reported they managed to get it running…)
  • Control (OSC + MIDI) (abandonware)
  • … … …
  • I’ve checked all alternative software presented on:
    … but majority of them are, unfortunately, removed from Google Play or abandonware. OSCPad was promising, since it was allegedly compatible with TouchOSC templates, but it’s abandonware now…

OSCAR and Open Stage Control were the only apps worth writing about.

Feel free to post here your Layouts with OSCAR.

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