Usb Keyboard Disconnects/Stops Signal after random amount of time

usb Keyboard Disconnects/Stops Signal after random amount of time.

win 10
novation impulse top key board
m audio bottom keyboard
and one focusrite audio interface all connected directly to computer usb ports

m audio keyboard Stops sending Signals after random amount of time (some days does not fault, other days faults many times randomly.
also novation loses display (goes blank) but still outputs midi on usb and shows midi data output in GP monitor.

m audio loses midi usb output (but still powered on ok) and no midi data output in GP monitor?.

If I open a new instance while still having main GP open the new instance shows midi is ok from m audio data output in GP monitor?
in rig manager it shows devices are there but only novation impulse is responsive, does not show m audio device is missing.
Its like GP is losing usb input on main instance

if I restart GP all works ok again

have done all the sleep/disconnect usb settings and same in device manager

Sorry to present you this, but i guess, this might be your your problem (which i also had and why i sold my Code 61).

I think the controller might be the same in diffrent models.

EDIT: I missed the detail with the Novation controller… it could also be that your power support for USB is too weak. Maybe try to connect your keyboards over an active USB hub?

my computer is a desktop
if I disconnect usb cable and replug in it finds m audio in GP again without restarting GP

Even on Desktop PCs you might “overload” a USB bus so the voltage collapses.
But i personally know this “reconnect and it works again” just too well from my M-Audio.

gonna try it all on a powered hub tomz

Yeah, maybe you’re lucky and this will solve your problem.

Do please report back - while we’re certain that this is indeed a USB issue, it doesn’t hurt to get continued confirmation from users.

Will do

There is a setting in Device Manager where you can turn off the power switching for USB devices. Could this be where the issue arises?

Yes done have done all the sleep/disconnect usb in settings and done same in device manager on all usb hubs and re checked still same

Going to leave GP running all day without playing any notes etc to see if losing connection at end of day

I had this type of problem before and I can confirm that depending on type of usb devices, usb computer power supply capacity and number of usb devices connected, this problem can occurs frequently.

It is relevant to use a strongly powered hub when using several devices, thus also reducing the computer power consumption.

By doing so, I never had these problems anymore.

In order to check if it could be the problem, I suggest that you should also play a lot of notes on your keyboards (i.e. activating an arpeggiator if existing) and moving many controllers, faders, etc in order to increase the energy consumption and seeing if it causes breaks.

And if nothing occurs when leaving without touching anything, that could be a power supply problem.

Is that with a new powered hub?

Just to be clear about the process - gig performer doesn’t explicitly disconnect anything - it is simply able to detect that a device disappeared.

No to powered hub today,
When I lose m audio keyboard there is no midi input shown from m audio , if I got to rig manager it shows it’s still there not missing.
Impulse key board is showing midi in monitor and is also present in rig manager

Well, then it sounds like there’s enough juice to keep the device visible but not enough to actually send MIDI events.

Please try a powered hub

When it faults again I’m gonna disconnect m audio usb and plug in again to see what happens.

If I open a new instance while still having main GP open the new instance shows midi is ok from m audio data output in GP monitor?

No fault today 10 hours on
Going to try powered hub tomz

was all ok for one day then…
with powered hub connected and all inputs going into hub.
m audio no faults
novation impulse screen went blank but all midi functions work
novation impulse flashes up on GP disconnected and reconnects itself
lost novation impulse midi , nothing in input monitor, I opened up a new instance and midi is showing in midi monitor in new instance , had to restart GP to get all working.

next Im going to connect to my laptop with same GP copy and try again

Tried with my GP on laptop with powered hub
All ok to day no faults