USB Class Compliant, good enough at low buffers?

I have an RME UCXII which handles low buffers pretty well, but for safety I run both DAW and GP at 128 samples, as MacOS doesn’t seem to like 64, and forget about 32.

I used to bring the RME to gigs but got lazy as I hate unplugging/replugging every time (the 1/4" on the back are filled up at home), and have been running from the laptop 3.5mm output on away gigs.

Still, I’m considering buying a cheap interface like the UA Volt 1 or MOTU M2 and just keep that in my backpack.
Difference is, the Volt 1 is cheaper but class compliant only, whereas the MOTU has custom drivers in addition to class compliance.
Past experience with MOTU interfaces on MacOS have been very positive, in fact I had an 828es and it was great at low buffers over Thunderbolt.
But the Volt 1 is cheaper, and has everything I need for live use (MIDI I/O, stereo out). and it is in stock at the local Guitar Center, meaning I can just pick it up and have it ready for the next gig this weekend.

From what I’ve read online, class compliant USB is serviceable, but no good at low buffers. Has anybody here worked with that in conjunction with GP and had reliable results?


I guess I should qualify low buffers as 128 samples and lower. 256 is the highest I could go, but I’d rather not.

As an aside, the onboard 3.5mm jack seems to work fine at lower buffers, and it doesn’t sound too bad. I wonder how much I would realistically gain (if anything at all) from a low-budget interface?

If you use the search feature on the forum, you’d see that both Volt and MOTU interfaces are OK.

For example, Volt 2 is used here: 2 Keyboards + Pedals on GP

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I did mean specifically at low buffers, though.

Probably depends of your comouter i guess. But im not 100% sure

I am using a Motu M4 (I needed extra inputs and outputs) and have found it to be rock solid with GP. The M2 and M4 are quite a popular choices amongst GP users.

Just order both of them and do some intense comparison (most stores allow 30days return time)
After making your decision keep the one you like most and sent back the other one.

And meanwhile - take some notes of your results and let us all know :grin: