2 Keyboards + Pedals on GP

Here is my rig, used solo. I also have used it in a band, without the bass pedals. I do summer outdoor shows (AKA ‘Porch & Patio Circuit’), where I live. I voice four instruments at a time (upper/lower split on both keys). Pedals are for bass and drums. Instruments are acou guit, elec guit, fiddle, piano, organ, brass, ect… I’m also singing.

I’m running 17 instances of Kontakt, plus a few stand alone instruments. Have GP running on a 2012 15" MacBook Pro 2.7ghz 16GB ram. Audio is a UA Volt 2 (new this year). Previously ran an MOTU 828 Mk II FW.

I switched from Mainstage a few years ago and have never looked back. GP has been fabulous!


Thanks for sharing. Feel free to post a link to your band or your homepage :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting wiring layout, very easy to change sounds, and not using resources when inactive.

That was the idea. One rack & all the sounds are available from the control buttons on the keyboards. I change instruments, on the fly; while talking with audience


Sorry if this is a n00b question but: how do you switch sounds? By bypassing the instantiations of kontakt that you do not want active?

There are 9 faders, with 9 buttons below, on each keyboard. I set the buttons to On/Off bypass, for each sound. The 9 faders are used for various effect levels. The 8 rotarys, on top keyboard, are for each mixer volume output

At what buffer are you running the Volt? Thanks