Update to GP4 Question

When GP4 is available and I upgrade from GP3 (is there any question?), will it install as a separate program or will it overwrite GP3? GP3 has been very stable and I would be hesitant to upgrade to GP4 right away if it replaced GP3.

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GP3 and GP4 will be saved as separate applications so they can both live on your system.

However, note that if you open a GP3 gig with GP4 and save it, the new gig file will not be backwards compatible with GP3 so you should make backup copies of all your GP3 gigs as well.

Having said that – GP4 has had very extensive testing and we would be extremely surprised if you ran into any issues with it.

And now, having said that, we encourage all our customers to never upgrade anything (Gig Performer, plugins, OS updates) within 2-3 weeks of a show or tour so that, if you do run into a problem, you have plenty of time to solve the problem.


After a short transition time, I would also be very surprised if GP4 users would like to revert to GP3.


Thank you. All of this makes perfect sense. Looking forward to upgrading.

Shouldn’t be a problem these strange days … :woozy_face:

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I have two live performances scheduled and confirmed for mid-June and I think I’ll use GP4 initially to check out the new features and prepare for the future but I will use for sure GP3 for these gigs.


For review prior to GP4 release, is there a version of the user manual available or a doc with all of the new features?

Are you already using Gig Performer 3?

Yes - recently purchased dual GP3 & 4 licenses. Looking forward to GP4.

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Congratulations and welcome to the family :wink:

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Unfortunately, the documentation goes through the same Q/A process as the product itself so we aren’t going to release it until we release GP4 itself.

Makes sense.

Does the global rackspace in GP4 only support audio I/O (e.g. for effect VSTi) or also MIDI I/O which allows me to include some of the standard instruments (Keyscape, VB3,…) I have in nearly all of my GP3 rackspaces today in this global rackspace? I assume yes but I wan’t to be sure when I buy the upgrade before release date.

You will be able to insert instruments in the global rackspace along with midi in blocks and that will work fine. You will not (yet) be able to send MIDI to/from global rackspace to other rackspaces but that’s actually not that big a deal, it turns out.

Great, thats all I need!

Just to be clear regarding having Buetual instruments in the global rack space…I have about 30 instances of Halion running in GP using mostly the same sounds loaded (piano, horns, percussion), and I use these for almost every song. Will I be able to load it on the global rack space and simply use it on all the others? This would shrink load time down from almost two minutes to practically nothing. Let along the resources to manage one instance. Please tell me this is true: effects AND instruments can be used in the global rack space.

Yes, it is possible.

So when you say you can’t send midi from a rackspace to the global rackspace… currently I have this going on (see image). I block NOTE ON messages for certain instruments in different variations. I often have many of the same instruments in many rackspaces and I thought I could put them in the global rackspace rather than loading a new instance in each rackspace. Can this be done? Can I still use widgets in variations and use the widgets to filter NOTE ON messages for certain plugins in the global rackspace? Thanks!

As the Global Rackspace is a Rackspace you can do in it everything you do in any Rackspace. In particular you have the MIDI in blocks available in it too. What is not (yet) possible without using a third party virtual MIDI port, is to send/receive MIDI messages to/from Local and Global Rackspace. So, what you plan to do will be very easy using the Global Rackspace.