Update to GP4 Question

Or maybe you could assign the note blocking parameters to some of the global parameters list and so expose them to the local rackspaces where you can access them via widgets.
Can’t try it myself right now (@work)…

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That sounds like a good idea!

Right, but my question was, can I control the filters in the global rackspace with widgets in the REGULAR rackspace? Otherwise, every time I switch rackspaces and variations and want to control the widget by hand (touchscreen) I would have to switch to the global rackspace.

The answer is yes - you will be able to do several things, not just what you are asking:

  • Global rackspace panels can be displayed permanently and mapped to MIDI like any other panel with widgets
  • Global widgets can be mapped to the local rackspace widgets and therefore participate in variations and all the other great stuff GP offers.

Awesome! Thank you! And nice playing Sunday! :slight_smile:

Thanks, but that was @dhj on Sunday… unfortunately - I’m still waiting for my first, post COVID, gig. The last one was in March 2020

Oh right! i mixed up the “dj” with “dhj” in your user names. :rofl:

Wow! Its been over a year! Where do you live? I’m so fortunate to live in Florida. Nothing was closed down or restricted in any way except for couple months last spring.

My last gig was in Nov 2019, the next will be on 9th of July - hopefully.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada which is still in a “stay at home order” mode. But we’re Canadians - we don’t complain much - its all good.

We’ve not handled the pandemic as well as you guys, but it is getting better now.

How can this be done? I have a midi filter block (note on) in the global rackspace with a widget associated with it and want to control it from a widget in the local rackspace. Thanks

Perhaps start by referring to the documentation


Honestly, I went there first I read this which didn’t address it:
My bad! I missed that page. I was close! I got as far as “global parameters”. It works perfect! Thank you!! What an update!!!