Two keyboards connected

Hey guys,
How can i connect two USB?MIDI keyboards and having two different sounds at the same time. I now have two keyboards connected to my pc but they both play the same sound. The manual didn’t show me how and searching the site didn’t help me either.

Thanks in advance.

Found it on YouTube.

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A search in the forum will give you ideas:

This is a big topic :wink:

Don’t use the midi OMNI block. Instead, create blocks associated with the individual devices.


Yes it is obvious, but perhaps not that obvious when you are discovering GP. I just checked the online manual and if I didn’t miss anything, all the examples are referring to the OMNI IN block.

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Thanks for the link, I have to admit that I didn’t came to read this part as it was titled « MIDI in (OMNI) MIDI in (OSC) » and I was looking for something not related to OMNI. But, I keep thinking that it could great to point out a bit earlier in the manual (e.g. in the part Controlling Plugins From Your Midi Controller), that:

If one or more MIDI controllers are connected to your system, Gig Performer automatically generates additional controller-specific MIDI In blocks when you right-click in the Plugin connections area and select “MIDI Inputs,” as shown below:


These can (and, in most cases, should) be substituted for the generic MIDI In (OMNI) plugin. Because they “listen” to specific MIDI controllers and/or ports, their usage is generally preferable, especially if your rig contains multiple keyboards or controllers.

Fair enough - will include this in future update to documentation