Trouble with mapping different plugin parameters to single widget

Hey everyone, I am fairly new to GP and have been enjoying it thoroughly, however I am having an issue with a widget.

I posted a question on facebook and one of the admins did help by linking two articles discussing on the topic on how to scale widgets to jump to values within a plugin.

I will explain my situation, I am trying to setup a widget to change the modes for the Deelay VST, I would like for a fader to scroll and switch between ms, nrm (normal time), eigth, and eigth note triplet. I saw a topic on the thread about a fader switching between pre-amp settings within a plugin similar to my setup. However, I am lost at how to set that up for my widget. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated.

These are definitely different parameters, and not just different values of a single parameter?

Sorry, the modes are ms, normal, trip, and dot

There may be other options, but for me - this requires a script. This rackspace uses the VST3 of Deelay (free version).
Deelay.rackspace (74.4 KB)


The script was fairly simple: scaling the slider value to a range of 0 to 3 (which selects one of the 4 widgets). Note that I have also set these widgets to be in a radio button group, so you can click on them directly as well.

The script is one directional only - so it will select the mode button based on the slider, but the slider won’t move if you select one of the mode buttons.

   MODE1,MODE2,MODE3,MODE4 : Widget
   MODESLIDER : Widget
   MODES : Widget Array = [MODE1,MODE2,MODE3,MODE4]
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from MODESLIDER
    Var modeIndex : Integer = ScaleRange(newValue, 0, Size(MODES)-1)
    SetWidgetValue(MODES[modeIndex], 1.0)

Thank you so much, I’ll give this a try.