Transferring rigs/gigs to new macbook

Hi, If I install all the same plugins and samples that I have in old macbook pro to my new macbook pro, can I easily fly in the GP files: rackspaces/gigs/ samples… to the new macbook…Open gig file in new macbook and have everything open perfectly?

When the paths and names of the samples are identical then it should work.
By the way: Are your plugins ready for M1?

If not then you maybe have to run GP under Rosetta.

Yes, please check if your plugins are Apple Silicon ready.
More information in this blog: Gig Performer | What to do if Gig Performer 4 can't find or use your Intel plugins on the new Mac M1 processor

… and this latest blog article.

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For my last “upgrade”, I went from a 2012 to a refurbished 2019 Intel MacBook Pro for live performance….it was much less expensive and perfectly reliable.
Until absolutely everything I need runs natively, tried and tested is much better for live use.