Transferring rigs/gigs to new macbook

Hi, If I install all the same plugins and samples that I have in old macbook pro to my new macbook pro, can I easily fly in the GP files: rackspaces/gigs/ samples… to the new macbook…Open gig file in new macbook and have everything open perfectly?

When the paths and names of the samples are identical then it should work.
By the way: Are your plugins ready for M1?

If not then you maybe have to run GP under Rosetta.

Yes, please check if your plugins are Apple Silicon ready.
More information in this blog: Gig Performer | What to do if Gig Performer 4 can't find or use your Intel plugins on the new Mac M1 processor

… and this latest blog article.

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For my last “upgrade”, I went from a 2012 to a refurbished 2019 Intel MacBook Pro for live performance….it was much less expensive and perfectly reliable.
Until absolutely everything I need runs natively, tried and tested is much better for live use.


I’m doing this now, going from a 2013 late MacBookPro to a 2019 MacBookPro Intel. I was thinking I would take the time machine backup of the Old 2013 running big sur, and install it on the new 2019, Re Authorize/activate the plug-ins/software, and then update the OS to possibly Ventura… OR maybe I should do a fresh install yea? I think the new one (arriving tomorrow, or the next day I hope) is Ventura OS. I just upgraded my video MacBookPro (same 2019 late Intel) to Ventura, and it’s now running Adobe Premiere Pro/After Effects faster than ever. I’m I’m using the old 2013 GP unit as a backup now. Any tips is appreciated. I have “plenty” of time before my next show Jan 14th…

Safe to say the last year using GP on this late 2013 MacBookPro was a great learning burn in for me, with dozens of shows performed. I scaled down some of the synth layers, for a more stable glitch free performance, and I’m now hoping the newer faster CPU, and double the ram, etc. will allow me to add a bunch more layered sounds (more plug-ins) with lower latency and less chance of glitching… While glitching is rare, It seems to happen when I use the sustain pedal a lot with heavily layered sounds (I have bass and keys (plug ins) triggered simultaneously from one keyboard controller (fly dates) or sometimes with two keyboards (Kronos2/Motif ES6), and bass pedals. (John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin Tribute.) I LOVE GP!! Just grazing the surface for sure…

NOTE, I’ve been a bit awol this last quarter, as I’ve relocated to Grand Rapids Michigan… Blizzard coming… :wink:

I’d recommend a fresh install. :slight_smile:

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The new MacBookPro (16-inch, 2019) - came with Catalina installed.
2.4 Ghz 8-core Intel Core i9
32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB - INTEL UHD GRAPHICS 630 1536 MB

I copied over and loaded up all my previous GP gig files, and everything kicked in perfectly, although I did find two plugins that I forgot to install… Most of my plugs allow multiple activations. A couple of them I had to deactivate on my studio computer, as they only allowed 2 activations…

Got mint used here:

Fast delivery, good price… HAPPY.

I updated that to Monterey. Fresh installs of VST3 plugs. I use an RME UCX audio interface. I was definitely able to improve my CPU performance significantly (less latency, more plugs) from the older MacBookPro.

Partial list of keyboard plugs…

NI Komplete
Arturia V Collection 9
Cherry Audio Synth Stack 3
IK Multimedia SampleTank 4, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, Syntronic 2
Korg Collection 3

FX Plugs
Eventide Anthology XII
Sound Toys 5.1

I have alot more plugs, but since I’m not using them on the next gig, I left them off.
Spectrasonics Omnisphere - (Love, but not on this gig)
Kontact Instruments, Tons but left off many of them that I don’t use for the keyboard rig. (Drum sets, Effects, Bass and Guitar Amps, etc.)

Also, my older MacBoookPro (2013 late) is now my backup laptop keyboard rig that flys with me in my backpack. But it’s definitely a “leaner” system with less plugs layered… stripped down comparatively for usable performance. I’m kind of itching to try a Windows Machine with a “faster” processor, and 64 gig of ram, to see if that gets me more plugs. Not that I need more layering, but if I can, I will… (fist bump)

NOTE: MY RME UCX provides a stereo mix for keys (output 3/4), and a separate Stereo or MONO mix for LH bass/Bass pedals (output 5/6) both to FOH. I also provide a third stereo mix (output 1/2 of both keys and bass, and I take a separate stereo IN (input 3/4) from the monitor mixer which has everything else minus keys to my IEMs which I mix myself to my IEM (Sennheiser G4). RME’s TOTAL MIX software that controls the RMS UCX runs alongside GP, and and handles all of my IEM mixing on the fly, plus an iPad controls the “mix-minus-keys” feed when gig possible. I wish all gigs had monitor mixing boards setup for performer iPad control! It makes a huge difference for me in my ears when I can nudge levels on guitar and vocals during the show (and during soundcheck of course)

I have a two space SKB fly rack which is a carry on wheel rack, that houses the RME UCX, the SENN G4, and the MacBookPro.

NOTE 2: This FLY RIG is with one 88 key controller that is provided. If I do certain home gigs, I like to use my KRONOS2 61, and a MOTIF ES 6, and plug them into the UCX, (inputs 5/6 and 7/8) and add effects and mix those sounds with GP plugs, of course, within GP…

I’m now imagining a MULTI COMPUTER GP RIG… need more layering, add more laptops, etc… add infinitum. (gear hoarder)

To say that I’m thrilled beyond belief after a year of playing (performing) with GP would be a serious understatement.


Pic from my current “dungeon” basement setup. (I’m now located in Grand Rapids Michigan)