TouchOSC vs Luna Display vs Duet Display vs?

I have 2 keyboards on a stand, and would like the ability if possible to monitor/control my levels with a Tablet device, sitting on my keyboard.
My bottom Keyboard is as S49 Komplete, which the levels work fine, but don’t display the levels (not even on Mainstage).
I have a 4th gen Ipad, and access to a 5th gen. I also have a MS Surface Go, and an old Samsung Tablet. I saw TouchOSC, but I assume that means more programming?
There is Luna Display that looks good, a bit expensive though, or Duet Display Which requires a subscription.
Everything comes out of my M1 Macbook, which only has 2 x USB-C ports, and I read that the Luna display needs a dedicated port.
So, my question is? Any other suggestions? Our gigs are about once a month.

What do you want to achieve with this external display?
Only info or do you want to control Gig Performer via this display?

Preferably Control, but at least monitor the levels without looking behind me.

The advantage of using Touch OSC is that you can use WiFi Connection
Control is very easy to implement using OSC.
Do you want to switch Songs and Songparts also?

If you’re talking about level meters, this will be limited with TouchOSC. There is a lot of data to send out, and there is no in-built way to do this with GP. There are some prior forum topics about this.

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Thank you. I guess that rules out OSC.

Well, I wouldn’t be that pessimistic. I do it all the time.

It is true that I am using a GPScript for this and due to the way the widget meters are implemented for now, it is not that “accurate”.


This was a topic where I had suggested a third party meter plugin, which sends out midi data (which there are then a few ways to convert this to OSC).

But it sounds like @David-san has some other (cheaper) GP script alternatives.

what would the downside to using a touch screen for this, which is plugged into the laptop/computer running GP?

I’m likely moving to Luna with an iPad 5th gen for this purpose. I’ve been mounting my MacBook Pro on a laptop shelf for my K&M Spyder Pro stands, but it really blocks my ability to have eye contact with my bandmates. I already have to run my in-ear mix from an iPad mini, so I’ll offload that to the iPad 5th gen along with remote control of my MacBook. The iPad won’t block my view.


I’m using a Luna Display with my Mac Mini with very dependable results…


The biggest issue with the Luna will be the price due to the lousy AUD$ exchange rate. :frowning:

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I have the iOS and Mac App YAM Display. The main reason I purchased it is because the iOS app still supports back to iOS 9, so I was able to give new life to my ancient iPad.
I only use it at home, but it’s worked well for me so far.


I just Purchased Yam Display, and it works well even wirelessly via my Network sharing on my phone. It would be cool if there was one that does the same to my Galaxy Fold 3.