Too many black Friday offers

I think I am getting crazy…
I must update to Komplete14.
Then there is Korg with 3 new instruments on their legacy collection (MicroKorg, Electribe and Kaossilator).
Cherry Audio with new GX-80 and a bundle called Synth Stack 3.
I was thinking to get a gift for me in Christmas with Omnisphere and Keyscape.
I just got IK offer with Total studio Max (adding Sampletron and Sampletank Max and Miroslav Phylarmonic).
Now I must be careful.
I have a 2 terabyte SSD on my MacBookPro M1 and space is getting low.
Tell me that I am not the most stupid guy here…


We all are “Jäger und Sammler”

In my experience you have to have many plugins, so you know what you NOT need :wink:


Yes. I have a lot of plugins.
True, many of them are very seldom used.
But a piece of my brain thinks that I need them all.
Then there are even hardware implications.
With a good CS80 simulation I need a polyphonic aftertouch controller.
So I am checking Roli Rise (old and new version).
Roli Lumi keys are cheaper but they are not full size, such a stupid design for such a nice device…

you know the PolyAT scriptlet?


No! I didn’t know that. Thanks a lot.
It’s only 2 days that I decided to buy Cherry Audio GX-80. Starting only now to dream about polyphonic aftertouch.
I never entered the realm of scripting.
This seems the right chance.
Christmas holiday time to play with everything and my 2 cover bands stopped by various illnesses.
Curious to see that there is no polyphonic aftertouch midi controller on the market if we exclude Roli exotic things.

I’m having Native Instruments Komplete (13) bought for 50% of the price in the summer sales (well just before it ended in September). That’s also the reason why I kind of ’ rushed’ into finding GP.

I like that bundle (NI) but I bought it mostly because I had the feeling I needed some ‘basic’ sounds. Later I learned Arturia also would be a good alternative, but maybe I buy it next year.

For the rest, I have a bunch of free sounds, which are mostly ok, and I’m using them along with NI.

I’m not yet in the phase of removing plugins I do not use, but my 1 TB SSD is not yet half filled :slight_smile:

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Seems that i also am a little lunatic severely suffering from PAS (plugin acquiring syndrome)… :crazy_face: :partying_face: :nerd_face:
But hey… that’s the main reason for a hobby:
Effectively wasting much money on things that bring you lots of fun. :innocent:


I will definitly spent some money the next days to make my final Apple M1 move. Currently I have to run GP under Rosetta, due to some missing or better ‘not-M1-native’ instruments :grinning:

I switched to M1 native since 2 months.
In case you need a not native plugin you can do it with AU version.
Anyway, I am not feeling any performance issue. Everything runs regularly, native or not.
GigP and all of my plugins.
I only lost Iris2 from izotope, all the rest are perfectly ok.
I am very happy I turned to “the dark side of the Force” buying an Apple thing one year ago

It’s not the plugins that consume space, it’s the samples.

For example, I have 3 2TB external SSDs to go with the 1TB internal SSD. One of the 2TB drives is Thunderbolt 3. That’s my samples drive. I only have 500 MB of space left…and the new Superior Drummer 3 SDX is a whopping 180 GB. I don’t use my UVI instruments much (I should use the Ravenscroft 275 more, but I just acquired Pianoteq Pro, so I don’t know), so I may move that entire folder to one of my USB 3.2 external SSDs. That’ll free up 57 GB. I also have a bunch of Kontakt VIs that I don’t really use, so could archive them on a different drive. That would maybe free up another 50GB or more.

In comparison, I have 100’s of plugins installed on the 1TB internal SSD (C:). The VST2 versions only consume about 6GB of space.

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You are right indeed that it’s the samples using much space. My NI Komplete is a few hundred GB’s. And most other plugins I downloaded (with samples) are together not more than a few hundred extra.

However, eventually I have to be careful, as I only have a 256 GB internal SSD and a 1 TB external SSD (which I need as the NI Komplete does not fit on the internal SSD). But I’m just started a few months ago.

However, I have also about 100 plugins, maybe more, but many are free and having not many samples or none (effect plugins); still have to go through of them all to see which I really need or not.

Why must you update to Komplete 14? Although I like NI sounds a lot (well it’s also that 380 euro for so many plugins was a good deal), I don’t consider the upgrades cheap, they cost about half just for some updates. But maybe you need the new features (?) Myself I would prefer spending 300 to a complete new bundle with many plugins (like Arturia Collection for 300 at Black Friday) than 200 for some update.

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It’s 199 EUR for a 13 owner.
I like the new Kontakt and I think it will get rid of a boring bug in old version: first note of a midi communication is muted. So two chords to start a chord when you play live…

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I know about a bug in Kontakt that the first note is delayed when a bus insert effect is used.
What are you talking about?

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I haven’t noticed this bug (maybe because so far reprogramming all songs, I anyway play a bit before starting the song, being just in the rehearsal room).

Edit: Ah yes, now I remember. There was someone trying to make a script to make all notes sounds with 0 velocity or something, but somehow didn’t work. However, somehow I didn’t notice it (maybe because of the above).

Is that the convolution bug?

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Yes, correct.

I use a lot Wurly of Scarbee A200, included in Komplete 13 and 14. It has a fantastic amplifier simulation as internal Kontakt effects.
That thing is not playing the first note anytime I start a song. Same bug whatever the host.
I had it in Cantabile and Windows, I have it now in GigP and LogicPro with a Mac.
So it is intrinsic to Kontakt.
I was told it’s known and very much debated in NI Forum.
I hope it’s gone now…
Any experience here?

See also for more info this thread: Anyone using kontakt question - General discussion about Gig Performer - Gig Performer Community

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It should be nice to know if Kontakt 7 is really free of this bug…