Too many black Friday offers

interesting point !
thats exactly where i landed too with my thinking approach !!

same boat.
i was allready broke 7 weeks ago.
…and kept buying.

but i have now everything i wanted,…and much more :joy:

what this whole market is doing is completely insane !
they work now all completly against themself.

i had 3x times the year money.
But NOT all at the same time.
Its NOT working out what they are doing…

i participated now once (after my initial start) . And thats it. Basta

edit: seriously, i´m donne buying software.
when the M2 desktop macs hit, will i buy one after some time, and then: FREEZE my system !

@Funky40 , are you sure you will be able to keep your promise?
I am not able. LOL
For example… I am missing Omnisphere and Keyscape, probably because they are never in discount!

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Good things do not need a discount because they are worth any penny.


It’s crazy that so many plugins go on sale, it’s like there is a race to see who can get to zero first.

Soon the plugin companies will be paying everyone to use their plugins😀


I downloaded quite some free VST plugins, and I have to say some are really good. Even if you read reviews, it’s not that the paid are always better than free ones.