The Most Flexible Guitar MIDI setup for Gig Performer

A while back, I made a post about moving from a Hardware Setup to a software setup. The post is here for anyone interested.

As I’ve progressed this and tried to further reduce my set up, I’ve learned more and more.

For those of you that have a hexaphonic pickup in your guitar, I’ve found that using a GP10 from Boss as an audio card will give you the most flexible setup you could want in the smallest space.

One of the thing I wasn’t able to do before was recreate the alternate tunings on the Hardware Synthesizers. But using the GP10 as your audio interface, you can do that and just about anything else.

The GP10 has 8 USB outputs, 2 for the modeled stereo out sounds and 6 for each of the guitar strings. I use them all without any of the effects from the GP10 other than the alternate tunings and acoustic modeled guitars. This enables you to

  • run the alternate tunings through the stereo out which also feed Midi Guitar 2 (Plug in) so that the alternate tuning sounds go to the instrument plug ins (I use Roland Zenology right niow)

  • Run the normal tunings through the hex outs for midi purposes. This lets me turn off specific strings for instrument plug ins if I want.

So my set up is

GP10 as an audio interface with 8 outputs as described above
Electric Guitar Sound using Mercuriall Audio Ampbox
Acoustic Guitar Sound using THU to just EQ the modeled tone coming from the GP10
Instrument Plug Ins using Zenology from Roland

Floor set up is the same as before using Morningstar MC8 and 3 expression pedals (one for Acoustic/Electric, 1 for Instrument plug ins and 1 for modifiers like solos or whatever the preset needs)

Here is a quick video example. The guitar is in standard tuning,

  • Any Major Dude uses Acoustic, Electric and Rhodes Plug in
  • Billy the Kidd uses Strings, Harmonica and Horns all changed by Song Part.
  • The Question uses alternate tunings and Strings
  • The Rain Song uses the same but when switching to the Electric Part goes back to standard tuning and the Plug In follows in Standard tuning
  • The last one is a brief Electric example

I have a lot of tweaking to do with my widgets and such but this set up is capable of pretty much anything.

Thanks guys!!



Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this.