Sync Widget Drawbars to Kontakt B3

I thought there was a post to refer to but I can’t find it.

Is there a script or anything that would update or sync drawbar widgets to the Drawbars in Kontakt’s Vintage Organs?

The main issue being having a widget for the VO Presets. While the drawbars in Kontakt change - the GP3 Drawbar Widgets do not.

Sometimes forgotten - look for (and Enable) Host Automation in Kontakt?
I think that’s it…

I do have the midi control mapped to the Kontakt drawbars. My problem is the widgets do not update to adjustments done to the drawbars in Kontakt as shown in this video:

Forget MIDI control, use host automation it will solve your problem.

That is what I’m using as shown in the video (Highlighted in Kontakt)

MIDI control is not host automation. :thinking:

Wait I need my glasses… :nerd_face:

Sorry to be confusing. I was referring to the Midi controller Mapped to the widgets - which are mapped to the Kontakt drawbars in Host Automation

Hmm, I just mapped the lower manual on Kontakt Vintage organ to widgets and it seems to work fine

That’s amazing. I wonder what setting I have wrong. Very Frustrating. Nice to know it CAN be done - thanks!

I just tested too and it works perfectly when moving a drawbar in Kontakt, it moves also in GP. But when you change a present in Kontak, it doesn’t update the drawbars via host automation, so no way to update the GP drawbar this way.

ah - too bad - oh well. thank you both for checking

Hmm, I wonder if we could have some kind of mechanism to explicitly request current parameter values for a plugin. That way, if the preset change is triggered by Gig Performer, then we could ask for parameter values. This would be used for plugins thst don’t automatically send the updates automatically


That would be great :+1: