Switching racks with midi controler

Hello, i’m newbie in GP3 so i have simple, but for me vital question. How can i switch between racks with my midi controler? What 's the basic set up in gp for this ? I’m using novation impulse 61. Thanks a lot for answer…and sorry if the answer is already there somewhere(and i couldn’t find it)

You can switch to a rackspace (or to be exact to a variation) by sending the corresponding PC message.



Or you might use the “Global MIDI options” to learn a set of controller buttons to the according functions for rackspace control:

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A bit similar to what @schamass is saying…
Not exclusively (mapping buttons, sliders, Mod or Pitch wheel ) you can also MIDI map keys to Move UP or Move Down or Previous Rackspace, Next Rackspace.

Remote control by OSC :wink:

I have impulse 61 and use the transport Controls to change rack spaces .

I use << and >>
Controllers no 112 and 113
Transport control numbers from left are
112, 113, 114 , 115, 116 , 117,
I use 117 red for panic control

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Thank you very much !

thanks a lot.

Can I have a big request ? Can you please write there step by step process how to set those two controllers to change rackspaces?

Open gp
Preferences/global midi as photo
Under direct access
Previous rack space
Tick momentary next to learn
Click learn
Press << on impulse
Click learn again
Do same for >>

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Thank you very much.