Switching racks with midi controler

looks like my changes to the vortex are working and it is sending the program change 1 through 4

Seems you are sending Bank 1
Try this in the variation settings

And how looks your Global MIDI?

As murphy would have it, I locked up the laptop and when I started it back up it is doing an update of windows. Be with you soon. Thank you for your patience and your assistance. I am new to midi. and I see that there are a lot of people out there like me who have a very limited knowledge of the terminology of it.

No problem, we all here are proud to help :wink:

Ok, it looks just like the above, but stil no response from the pads. I see the midi light flicker and the monitor shows program change 1 through 4 for the four ppads I am using but no change on the rackspace.

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Thank you, Can I buy you a coffee at Starbucks?

On the monitor, it shows two lines of CC
and One Program Change. What is the CC used for in this case.?

If the CC numbers are 0 and 32 respectively then they are bank select messages. If not, then without your actually telling us the actual CC numbers, nobody will be able to tell you what they mean!

CC 0 Bank Select 1 Channel 1
CC 32 Bank Select (fine): 0 Channel 1
Program change 1 Channel 1

this is what shows up after I press the pad on the vortex

I feel that I am close and only missing something simple

See the bottom of this section of the user manual

I had read that, but I said to receive only on channel 1 and it did not make a difference. I have all those items unchecked at this time as you showed in the picture you sent above

The item that @dhj was pointing you to (highlighted) should be checked like this

okay, I will try it

Worked like a charm, thanks to both of you. I think I can be dangerous now.

I played Bass for almost 30 years, and have retired to Puerto Penasco Mexico. Bought a keytar when I had to quit playing professionally due to 6 failed back surgeries. I had taken Keyboard lessons years ago and know my way around the keys, so figuring to play bass on the keytar with some leads thrown in.

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You can use GP as a bass amp/effects processor as well…