Switching gigs from midi keyboard

Hey all. New here. Am currently thinking of purchasing Gig performer, and since I havn’t used it before I have a very basic question

  1. Can I switch gigs (sound setups) with a standard program switch from my master keyboard ?

  2. Can I have multiple controllers … eg 2 keyboards and other midi controllers. eg. Keyb 1 on midi channel 1, keyb 2 on Midi channel 2, 3 and 4 (or does it recieve in omni mode ?) ?


Hi and welcome to the Gig Performer family!
You can simply download the software on this page and try it for 14 days. While in trial mode, the software is fully functional, except from short moments of silence from time to time.
To answer your questions, i would say “yes” and “yes”, where your term “gig” means something different in GigPerformer-language than you probably meant.
GP organizes the diffrent sound setups with so called “rackspaces” and this you can of course switch from your master keyboard.


Hey @jrhansen

I think that your thinking is great! :slight_smile:

Schamass answered you and if you’re still on the fence, please read this blog article, as Gig Performer provides the most flexible and advanced MIDI operations in the market.

Link: Gig Performer | The most flexible MIDI processing

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Of course….I use about 7 myself. Also, if your controllers are connected via USB, each controller can be on MIDI channel 1 as Gig Performer can distinguish controllers by device. Also normally you would do all your splits and layering from Gig Performer so you don’t need to use multiple midi channels or zones on your controllers either.


Hi @jrhansen, welcome to the GP community forum.

Hey it seems you are not completely new here:

After 5-6 years, GP is now a beast and you will obviously be able to do everything you requested and much more.

Read the manual and start your trial period and ask here if you have questions. :wink: