Swam Engine volume decreasing

Today when I’m playing live, I faced two issues

  1. Swam Engine ( Saxo )- when I playing Saxo racespace Patch and change the different racespace then Again coming to Swam Engine ( Saxo ) volume automatically decreasing. It did Expression cc 11
  I think Expression cc11 values Automatically decreasing.
  1. Gig performer4 Software taking lot of time… To opening( software opening very late)

Two different issues, two different topics :wink:

Regarding the Sax volume which decreased, could you provide the smallest possible gig file where it still occur and tell us how to reproduce your issue?

And how to you send CC11 to Swam Saxpahones?

I’ve been using the SWAM engine for a long time and never experienced these issues. Please provide answers to @pianopaul about CC11 and give us an example gig file as @David-san requested.

Does your GIG file take a long time to load or your GP is starting up slowly for some reason? These are two different things. If your gig file contains a lot of slow loading plugins then sure - it will take as long is it takes to load it all. What is unusual about this?


example video

I just opened your gig and tried this - the volume stays the same. I don’t have the other plugins you have ion that rackspace so maybe try bypassing everything except the SWAM Sax and see if the problem is still there. If not - some other plugin is doing something to lower the volume.

See my video:

Please test with this setting:

And can you show the picture of SWAM showing the expression led when the volume is OK and when the volume is not OK

Thanks for this file, I noticed several things which according to me are not best practice. And I fixed them for the Saxo rackspace in this modified gig file:


You control the Swam volume by sending CC11 message. It is always better not to control a plugin using MIDI messages, but rather host automation. The is probably a volume parameter in the Swam plugin that you could map to your knob widget. Anything else could send a CC11 message which would change the volume of your Swam plugin (please open a GP Global Midi Monitor to check this), thus I modified your MIDI in blocks and blocked the CC11 and CC7 messages. Having said that, I think is better to use GP Mixer in your wiring view to control volumes in your rackspace. You will notice that I added a mixer which now controls the volume of your two instruments (Swam and Kontakt) via widgets in the Saxo panel.
Last point, I would avoid using MIDI in OMNI as MIDI in blocks and rather use a RIG Manager alias for your Launchkey. Do it now, even if you don’t think it could be usefull, at a time you will be happy to have worked like this.

Could you please test modified gig file and tell me if you still have the issue?


CC11 controls expression and not volume.
And Host automation for that expression is not available at all.

Perhaps a mistake from me regarding Swam, but CC7 and CC11 are often used to control something similar to volume. So in this case the CC11 would not be the parameter which modifies the volume of the SWAM, right? Whatever I also blocked the CC7 and if there is no more volume change, it is something we could modify afterwards.

On opening a rackspace I need to send a cc for SWAM plugins

Maybe that helps, seems there is a timing issue…

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Could be a timing issue as SWAM is very particular about those CC11s as they are typically supplied by a breath controller so they want to make sure you have such control. Otherwise the instrument will not play at all (it says so when you open the plugin UI).

You could use a small GP script that sends CC11 on rackspace activation. That will almost certainly happen at the “right” time although I didn’t try it.

You have to use SendLater…
There is a timing issue.

by the way: I contacted support and told them that HOST Automation does not work for Expression.
It is in the Plugin Parameter List, but does not work.

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Because if some internal workings - I think SendNow would work as well actually. I’ll give it a try and report back

Sorry sir , not working

What exactly is not working? What changed or didn’t change?

Can you please open this gig file and let us know if this gig file works the way you want it.

Sax_Fix.gig (317.8 KB)

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Elia, you have to start giving much more detailed information about what you’re doing, what exactly doesn’t work, what you actually did and so forth. Otherwise, it is too difficult to help you.


What about the MIDI Assigments list?? what is going on there?

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