On opening a rackspace I need to send a cc for SWAM plugins

On opening a rackspace I need to send a cc message with a value on midi chan 2

Eg, send cc1 value 25 chan 2

How do I do it in GP4?


What do you mean by opening a rackspaces and where should this message be sent to?

Add the Midi Out block to your rackspace that you want to send to, then there are options to send out a CC (bottom right corner):

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A plug-in - swam instruments

Why do you need that?

Probably because those instruments don’t make any sounds until you set some CC values. I’ve been bitten by this with their Sax plugins. It’s a real headache.

is there a way round it ?.cheers

You can include a widget and assign it to the midi in plugin connected to your plugin.
Then select the correct cc parameter and set the value to whatever you need.
This way the widget sends the cc message to your plugin when you switch to that rackspace.

tried that. couldnt get it to work,

only by changing variation it works,

not work on rackspace activation

Did you check „Ignore variations“ in the widget properties?

As I have swam, can you upload a small Gig file, so I can check?

swam test.gig (49.8 KB)

var ccexp : ControlChangeMessage
    SWAME : Widget
    MIN   : MidiInBlock

on Activate
 ccexp = MakeControlChangeMessage(11, ParamToMidi(GetWidgetCurveValue(SWAME,SWAME.GetWidgetValue())))
 SendLater(MIN, ccexp, 200)

swam test.gig (51.2 KB)

Seems this has to be used as there a some timing issues…


Cheers I’ll try it out,where do I attach it to?

cant get it to work

Can you Open the Gig file I uploaded?

yeah opened it but crashed my gp on first attempt, but the script is all working fine now with swam,
thanks for help, cheers

Do you have the recent Version is SWAM installed?

only have v 1.1.1 version

The actual version is 2.9.1 => no wonder you had a crash loading my changed gig file …