Sustain pedal recommendations

I had (note the past tense) a Nektar NP-2 sustain pedal that I used for years, and never had any problems with it. Somewhere along the line of my move from the U.S. to France, it went missing. I can buy a replacement on for 25 €. Before I order it, I was just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a different pedal, and if so, why is it better than the NP-2. Merci d’avance.

There is another discussion about this here:

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I remember that thread now. I was just lazy when I created this new topic, looking at the suggested existing topics in the window to the right of the text entry window. The topic you reminded me of (one I posted in), was not visible at the top of that list and I didn’t scroll it. Shame on me.

After rereading that topic, I’ll just go with another Nektar NP-2.