What sustain pedal?

Any recommendations for a really reliable touring ready sustain pedal that will plug into a MIDI pedalboard via 1/4” jack?

Must have polarity switch.

Do you know this?

I should have said, it has to plug into a pedalboard that just has quarter inch jacks

So it is not a MIDI Pedal you are searching for?

I have corrected my initial request. You are of course correct….I expressed what I needed rather badly.

I’m looking for something that has the durability of the Mission Engineering expression pedals….those things are just rock solid reliable

Roland DP10
Seems to be good


Maybe not the most reliable one, however worth the money:

I had one out of three failing in the last 4 years. I typically change the plug to a Neutrik NP2 RX type and then I’m fine.

It’s also easy to open and repair - just in case of - or cheap enough to have one spare :wink:

It doesn’t have a polarity switch

oops, this?

or this

Not exactly a recommendation. :grinning:

What I’d really like is a pedal that doesn’t have the cable hardwired so that I could just plug in a cable.

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The Roland DP10 does not have a polarity switch, the M-Audio SP-2 has one.
I have had several M-Audio pedals in the past (not this one), they are very basic but only one of them failed me quickly (EX-P), the other two (SP-1) have been working for years despite their cheap appearance.
And it’s true that at this price it’s worth buying two to be safe (or even 10 for the price of one Mission :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

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But then the weight …
And we all are happy to get rid of Hardware :wink:

There is a simple footswitch from Boss/Roland which looks quite sturdy… it has a 6.3mm jack and a polarity switch as well - but it’s not a fancy silver piano pedal:
Boss FS-5U Non-latching Footswitch | Sweetwater

I guess if you want to have a “real” pedal which has a jack and a switch, you might have to drill some holes and solder that stuff by yourself…

I own several/ many. Seemed to have collected quite a few over the years. My choice right now is the Boss FS-5U and FS-6 series. The 6 is a dual with polarity switches and momentary/latching switched on both footswirches.
Reliability has been great.
Keep in mind tho the FS6 dual requires a battery. I’m going to rig up a power connector on it to use regular 9V pedal bd power supply jack.


Yeah, I want a silver piano pedal version of that!

Why ?

For the LEDs if a guitar player wants to use it…

and even if you are not interested in the led, it will not work without a battery.
This the reason why I sold it.

I’ve bad-mouthed Nektar’s Panorama P6 for a couple of good reasons, but their NP-2 sustain pedal has held up very well for me. I purchased it with the P6 on 26 March, 2015. The P6 was land-filled long ago. The NP-2 is still going strong. Includes a polarity switch. $25 at Sweetwater and Amazon.

Nektar NP-2 sustain pedal - Sweetwater

Nektar NP-2 sustain pedal - Amazon

Agree. this pedal is surprisingly good, especially for the price. I use these at home, and as backup when I play out. I think I have 4 now, and will buy again.

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